Guild Master is the tenth episode of the Log Horizon 2 anime and aired on December 6, 2014. It adapts the fourth chapter of The Gold of the Kunie.


Laying on the floor outside of the Abyssal Shaft dungeon, William Massachusetts grits his teeth as he thinks about how they had been completely wiped out as the guild members revive one-by-one.

The defeated Silver Sword

As William lays there, the other guild members bemoan how the fight was impossible and Pianississimo comes to the realization that, perhaps, the other raid zones were now like this as well. As they fall into despair and think that the Elder Tale had abandoned them, William gets up and says "Screw it," catching their attention.

Realizing what he just said, William attempts to think of something to say, only for Vuorinen to tell him "We're finished." As the others mull over his words, Junzou adds that they could return to Susukino and act as a peacekeeping guild, to which Azalea and Nantakei@Akiba agree with. Sasameyuki says that the Earthlings would be grateful for defeating the monsters around Ezzo, and HighlandSky even remarks to Ukiyo that he could get one of them to be his girlfriend.

As William continues to sort out and vocalize his thoughts over what Elder Tale and raiding meant to him, it culminates in his resolve to not give up the raid. Through William's words, the other members are reminded of their passion for the game. Morale returns to the raid party anew.


Shiroe awakens and hears William's speach, wondering if he could cheer up people with honest words like that. Tetora says, "I want to help them win. Don't you, Shiroe?" Shiroe agrees and tells them that he has to tell everyone why they need to do this raid and why he needs the gold. He admits he should have told them but took advantage of them and tried to do everything himself. He says he has a better plan. The odds of success is fifteen percent. Naotsugu and Tetora are pleased with that. 

Ready to try again

The episode closes on New Years, with all of them standing outside the boss's door, prepared to try again after a week of preparation. Naotsugu has a telepathic chat with Marielle saying he hopes to be back soon and she wishes him luck, while Tetora clings to his arm. Shiroe contacts Akatsuki to tell her what's going on and to tell Nyanta they'll be back January 7.




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