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Gumon (求聞, Gumon?, literal meaning "Foolish Question") is a large Wise Wolf dwelling in the mountains that Krusty lives in after finding himself on the Chinese server. She serves him with devotion, having chosen him as her master. Her courtesy name is Tarak (タラーク).[1]


Gumon's profile illustration in volume 11

Gumon is a large wolf that is around 2 meters long. She wears a teal bandanna around her neck.



Go East arc

Gumon appears with Hua Diao as one of Krusty's companions in the Zhongyuan server, residing in fairyland. She later participates in the battle against Youren, the brainwashed Elias Hackblade, and the monsters.

In order to rescue Hua Diao from Youren, Gumon ends up taking the blows intended for her. After she dies, Gumon reverts to her true form—Takayama Misa's severed arm.


Other Appearances

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land

[[File:Gumon sng.png|200px]]
[Enchanted Land] Gumon[【仙境】求聞]
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Class Rarity Role Type Attribute
Assassin Logo.png Assassin GR icon.png Attacker Midguard Water icon.png


  • On Gumon's profile in volume 9, its class and subclass are listed as "None." The mobile game simply had to add one (like it did with Raynesia, who lacks a traditional class) due to the way it works. However, the game's archive entry for Gumon did not list a gender like it does for other characters.