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Henrietta is one of the players trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale. She is a Human Bard-Accountant and is a member of the Crescent Moon Alliance, where she serves as the guild's accountant. She serves as one of the leaders of the Akiba Raid Party and participates as a member of the Shibuya Raid Team.

Her real name is Umeko Miyanozaka (宮之阪 梅子, Miyanozaka Umeko?),[3] and her birthday is on March 25.


Henrietta has honey-colored wavy hair, a round face, and chestnut-colored eyes. Although she tends to wear a stern expression, she's considered beautiful in her own way, and is said to be the "moon" to Marielle's "sun."[4] Like Shiroe, she wears glasses.


Henrietta is a hard-working and knowledgeable person who takes her role as the Crescent Moon Alliance's secretary very seriously. She is an experienced player of Elder Tale who has a good understanding of the game mechanics, as well as the history of famous guilds and the Debauchery Tea Party.

However, her main weakness is an extreme fondness for cute things.[5]  For example, she appears to be obsessed with getting Akatsuki to wear feminine summer dresses. People tend to be distracted by this aspect of her and fail to see her more cunning and tactful side.[6] To further this, she has self-esteem issues beneath her overlaying personality, seeing herself as inferior to others in both appearance and personality. She is aware of her own weaknesses and struggles to overcome them.

She and Marielle have been friends since their university days, and she indulges her friend's effervescent and sometimes childish behavior. The more mature of the two, people occasionally seek her for consultation; despite Henrietta's tendency to dress up Akatsuki against the latter's will, the Assassin still trusts her enough to confide in her. Furthermore, she is capable of reading other people's emotions, recognizing both Akatsuki's and Minori's crushes on Shiroe. Despite her own feelings for the man, she decides not to pursue him, seeing the other two as being more suitable for his affections. Even so, she still feels that she has to assist him, as he couldn't shoulder everything on his own. Although he foresaw an incident occurring in Akiba during his absence, he left Henrietta with the means to create a solution for the problem.


Before the Catastrophe

In the real world, Henrietta works as an accountant and has a masters in business administration. Her real name is Umeko Miyanozaka, but she strongly dislikes being called this name inside of the game.[7]

Her father was a workaholic, but was also a brilliant, sharp-eyed stock trader. Henrietta's mother often praised him when Henrietta was growing up, and as a result Henrietta also has tastes for those kinds of men.[8] Even though her father usually carried a severe expression and she found him to be a bit scary, he had a very loving relationship with his wife, which left a lasting impression on Henrietta.[3]

Round Table Alliance arc

Return of the Goblin King arc

Libra Festival arc

Fallen Guardian arc

Before Shiroe left Akiba, he entrusted her with a prototype ATM card which, while useless at the moment, held immeasurable potential. His leaving her with it clued her in on the fact that Shiroe was not in Akiba, and her hunch was later confirmed by Akatsuki after she revived from being killed by Enbart Nelles. With this knowledge, she helps Shiroe from Akiba.[9]

Noosphere arc

Henrietta, along with Marielle, Serara, Shouryuu, and Hien, participates in the Shibuya Raid Team as one of the Crescent Moon Alliance's representatives. She notices that Shiroe was struggling to think clearly during the battle, and his half-hearted resolution causes her to slap him to get him back to his senses.


Volume 1

Henrietta's item 1 Powder Snow Blouse: Pure white blouse that is soft to the touch and can withstand the cold, but not physical attacks, and is treated as casual wear. It feels warm, even though the material is light and thin, which is a reason for its expensive price tag. The buttons are processed Opal, light brown in color.[1]
Henrietta's item 2 Composite Bow: A mid size bow with rollers inside, its structure is more complicated than others, and has a higher accuracy. The bow itself is a production level item, but it can use a large variety of arrows, ranging from mass produced to secret level, so it is a popular product.[1]
Henrietta's item 3 Akatsuki Doll: Akatsuki gave this to Henrietta to escape her relentless affection. Even though it is impossible for it to have any effects, Akatsuki can somehow feel the chill of being touched all over. Even though Henrietta announces 'the real person is cuter', she still loves this very much.[1]

Volume 10

ClockworkBow Clockworks Archery (時計仕掛けの奏歌弓《ルビ:クロックワークスアーチェリー》): A medium-sized compound bow created from the parts of Clockwork monsters and incorporated with a transformation mechanism. It has high accuracy, plays cover songs by tone, and expands the range of cover songs.
ThoughtfulLilac Prudence~Lilac (思慮深い紫丁香花《ルビ:しりょぶか~ライラック》): A lilac skirt filled with a gentle fragrance. It withstands the cold and the fragrance reduces the effect of the abnormal state Confusion. Although it is a Production-class item, it has become high-performance defensive gear since expensive materials were provided by the friendship guild, Crescent Moon Alliance.
DivaSecret Diva’s Secret (歌姫の秘事): A pale sakura-pink nail polish. The status of a Bard’s weapon and instrument is raised, and the wearer gets a bonus while playing music or singing. Its modest color has made it popular with all girls, not just Bards.


  • Henrietta's real name, Umeko, is the same as Mamare Touno's grandmother's.[10]
  • Henrietta is very similar to Maid Chief from Mamare's previous work, Maoyu. Both are graceful, bespectacled women who serve as the surprisingly-competent assistants to their respective partners (Marielle for Henrietta, Maou for Maid Chief). The two also have slightly unusual obsessions; Henrietta likes cute girls, while Maid Chief dedicates herself to mastering the image of the idealized Japanese maid.
    • To further support this, Marielle and Maou are both buxom women with lazy streaks, but are capable when they are passionate.


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