Hien is Fox Tail Assassin-Rogue. He is one of the top members of the Crescent Moon Alliance and acts as one of its Team Leaders. Like several characters in the series, Hien originated from fan fiction, became an important character in Honey Moon Logs, and then was added into the light novel and anime.

Although he plays a minor role in most of the series, mentioned in the light novel first in volume 6 because of his relationship with Nanami, he later participates in the Shibuya Raid Team.


As a Fox Tail, Hien has fox ears and a large fox tail constantly on display. His hair (and fur) are brown, he wears a close-fitting sleeveless black shirt, with leather armor, gray pants, and fingerless gloves, as well as a green scarf around his neck.

His overall appearance befits his subclass as a Rogue.


Hien has a mischievous personality and has a friendly rivalry with fellow Crescent Moon Alliance member Shouryuu. They are almost always seen together, either laughing or bickering over one thing or another.


Before the Catastrophe

In real life, he is a first year high school student named Madoka (円). He dislikes his real name, although not to the same degree as Henrietta. He is classmates with some other Crescent Moon Alliance members.

Round Table Alliance arc

Hien of Crescent Moon

Hien in the anime

Along with the rest of his guild, Hien assists in Shiroe's plan to revitalize Akiba. Most of his time is spent helping Shouryuu hunt and capture Boars to bring back to the Chefs so the Chefs can butcher them for the maximum amount of meat.

Noosphere arc

Along with Marielle, Henrietta, and Shouryuu, Hien participates in the Shibuya Raid Team.

Other Media

Honey Moon Logs

After the Catastrophe, Hien meets up with Shouryuu when Marielle, Henrietta, and Ashlynn were trapped by the crumbling building.

Hien befriends a Earthling girl named Nanami after retrieving her favorite jar and rescuing her from a crocodile monster.

When Shouryuu confronts a Hamelin member after seeing the state their newbie players were in, Hien, watching the spectacle from above, chucks an apple at a pail of water that then dumps its contents onto the Hamelin member. Before the man can start a fight, however, Marielle diffuses the situation with her disarming smile.

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land


Crossbow: With a wide selection of weapons available for his class, Hien prefers to use a crossbow as opposed to melee weapons.[3]


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