I will act at my discretion. I can't promise anything.

HighlandSky is a Wolf Fang Swashbuckler-Curseblade in Silver Sword. He participates in the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party as a member of the first party.


HighlandSky has dark brown hair with his Wolf Fang ears constantly showing. The tips of his ears as well as two streaks in his hair are whitish-gray. In the light novel, he has a scar running down from his forehead to his left cheek, but it was omitted in the anime.


He seems to be rather laid-back, simply commenting "I screwed up" after reviving when the experience of death and Mare Tranquillitatis was enough to demoralize most of Silver Sword's members that quit raiding.

As the guild's forerunner, he isn't afraid of running straight into danger to gather information for the rest. With fortitude and vigor, his battle stance consists of putting importance on efficiency over showing off, making sure to weaken the enemy.[2]


Gold of the Kunie arc

HighlandSky is sitting with Ragoumaru and Junzou, two other Wolf Fangs, when Shiroe enters to talk with William Massachusetts. He doesn't seem to pay much heed to the conversation until Demiqas barges in, looking for a rematch with Shiroe, and listens in as the two exchange banter. The two are interrupted by the arrival of Tetora, Naotsugu, and Li Gan, with Tetora blithely blabbering away about recent developments with Demiqas, such as his getting married to a Earthling noblewoman. An embarrassed Demiqas is only further provoked when the three Wolf Fangs and Shiroe himself smirk upon hearing these rumors, causing Demiqas to try and attack the Cleric. Sky is placed in the first raid party with Dinclon, Ukiyo, Touko, Azalea, and Enkaatanto, and can be seen fighting against monsters with Ragoumaru.[3]


HighlandSky uses one sword and a buckler, focusing on the Gladiator build.




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