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Hill Giants are Demi-Human Monsters in the MMORPG Elder Tale.


Hill Giants are towering creatures that employ brute strength to pummel enemies with their clubs. Their levels range between 72 to 80, and they are Full Raid Level monsters.


Return of the Goblin King arc

Two Hill Giants appeared after the Round Table Alliance Expeditionary Force, led by Krusty, wiped out the first wave of Goblins. They immediately attacked Krusty but were defeated by the leader of D.D.D with aid from the expeditionary force's mage unit.

Other Media

In the Log Horizon TRPG the Adventurers face the Genius Monster called Sislau, who polluted Cornu River that flows near of Akiba to brainwash Hill Giants that had ruled the "Plains of Bodarel" and make an army.

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