Hisako is a Human Summoner-Trapper and a member of West Wind Brigade. She is only a mid-level player at the start of the Catastrophe and can summon a maximum of six entities at a time.

She later participates in Operation Capture as a member of the Akiba Raid Party; by this point, she has raised her level up to 90.


Hisako is known as "the secretly-busty member of the West Wind Brigade."[3] She stands at 157 cm (approximately 5'2") and always has her hair swept back in a ponytail. Normally, she wears loose-fitting, light-colored clothes.[4]


Although she seems hesitant at times and doesn't speak much, she keeps a calm mind and seems less likely to panic in stressful situations. She has a good grasp of her abilities and knows what she is capable of contributing to the fight.


Libra Festival arc


Hisako helping out at the Libra festival

Along with the other members of West Wind Brigade, Hisako is called upon by Shiroe help control the chaos at the Libra Festival, helping resolve problems that popped up because of Lord Marves' spies.[5]

Fallen Guardian arc

She participates in the raid against Enbart Nelles in Team I, alongside Chika.

Other Media

Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade

Hisako Manga

Hisako in Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade

Hisako is first introduced after the members of West Wind Brigade meet up at their guild hall. As their warehouse manager, she informs them of the food they have, but is too late to prevent Kawara and Kyouko from eating some of it, leading up to the reveal that the food in this world has no taste.

Later on, when the guild is facing Magus and the Hamelin members, Hisako summons five detection monsters in the form of dogs in order to sniff out where the enemy had placed their traps. Although she had not meant to trick the enemy when she said she could only summon five creatures at a time, this still caused them to target her first. She then summoned a golem that protected her and knocked them away from her, revealing that she could actually summon six at a time (she'd forgotten about the sixth).

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land

Hisako is a Super Rare recruitable character in the SNG. As of now, there are no alternate forms of her.


  • After Fragrant Olive, Hisako is Kurinon's second-most favorite target; and while she doesn't look it, she actually enjoys girly talks.[4]


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