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For the tenth light novel volume, see Homesteading the Noosphere (Novel).

Homesteading the Noosphere (ノウアスフィアの開墾, Nouasufia no Kaikon?, incorrectly translated as Novasphere Pioneers by Crunchyroll) is the name of the twelfth expansion pack (追加パック) of the extremely popular MMORPG Elder Tale, which was released at midnight on May 3, 2018.[1] Soon after its release, it caused an event that trapped 700,000 players worldwide—including 30,000 from Japan—inside of the game.

The Homesteading the Noosphere expansion pack was a large update that added new items, quests, zones, monsters, and battles to Elder Tale. It also increased the level cap from 90 to 100.[1] The monster bodies used by the Genius are raid bosses meant to be introduced by the expansion pack.

By the end of Log Horizon 10: Homesteading the Noosphere (around May of the year after the Catastrophe), no server besides Yamato has received the expansion pack's updates.

Opening Text

Mamare Touno posted the opening text for the Homesteading the Noosphere expansion pack on his Blogspot around the time of the first light novel volume's release.[2] Due to the complexity of the language used in it, there is no completely-translated version available yet.

Japanese English



Behold. Dark clouds flowing like a large river.

The seven bridges now fall; the seven towers crumble.
Behold. The feather of a large crow falls from the vast ocean of clouds, pale lightning running through them.
A castle known only by its name, but the name is lost as well.
Three noble knights guard the castle of marble.
A refuge created for the sake of avoiding the end.
A stronghold created to rebel and fight against the end.
It is now a gravestone that marks the existence of the end.
Rows of distorted pillars that can drive one to insanity, along with numerous corridors, stairs, towers, shrines. The number of them is endless.
Hidden since "beginning of time” the capital sleeps in the heaven.

Listen. The fierce howling of the roaring wind.
The bridging of seven bridges is now. Seven towers pierce the skies as well.
Listen. The merciless swing of a blazing sword, sounds like the roar of a dragon.
The bonfire illuminates in the lost castle, a new godparent is called for.
The old soul of a calm knight who died as a martyr is summoned from the next world.
Graveyard of arrogance where the cursed people sleep.
Eternal altar where the cursed people are imprisoned.
But the grave-keeper notices. Fragments of sins have been released into the night again.
The forgotten end, like crimson meteors, rain down upon the earthen world. They dwell within the eighty-two Geniuses; their awakening advances the hands of the doomsday clock.
Thus a new act begins in this ancient tale.
I pray that this hoe will reap an abundant harvest (noosphere).


  • The expansion pack derives its name from "Homesteading the Noosphere", an essay written by open-source software development activist Eric S. Raymond.[3]
  • The noosphere is a concept about the sum human consciousness, mental activity, and their effects on the biosphere and evolution. ノウアスフィア is the official Japanese translation of the word, making the term "Novasphere" an incorrect translation.
  • The Catastrophe happened after the release went live; Shiroe mentions that after he updated the game, he was playing regularly with Minori and Touya when the Catastrophe struck.[1]


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