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For the expansion pack, see Homesteading the Noosphere.

Log Horizon 10: Homesteading the Noosphere is the tenth volume of the Log Horizon light novel series.

It was adapted by episodes 2225 of the Log Horizon 2 anime. The volume was written while the anime was still airing, and was officially published on September 30, 2015 in Japan. Yen On's translation released on February 20, 2018.

Official Description

Nearly a year has passed since the Catastrophe, and it seems like no one is any closer to figuring out what exactly happened. But when Minori brings a letter from Roe2, the explosive contents rock Shiroe to his core! These revelations arrive just as an impending war threatens to consume Yamato, forcing every adventurer to decide whether to search for a way home or to throw themselves headfirst into a bloody battle alongside the People of the Earth. Whatever their choice, those hiding in the shadows won't wait before making their moves!


  1. Stranger (profile: Nyanta)
  2. Traveler (profile: Eins)
  3. Prince of Maihama (profile: Iselus)
  4. Sleep of the Eternal Moth (profile: Isaac)
  5. The Pioneers (profile: Henrietta)



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  • Two wallpapers were released on Mamare Touno's official site in honor of the release of Log Horizon 10; the illustrations used on the wallpapers are also found as color spreads in the volume itself.
  • Because Mamare didn't finish writing the volume until after the anime aired, some sections in the novel weren't adapted in the anime, while the anime has some scenes that weren't included in the novels. (In other words, both reading the volume and watching the anime is the best way to get the whole story of the volume.)
  • Hara Kazuhiro folded up different types of origami frogs to decide the perfect kind for Isaac's profile.[1]
  • Kanami's "Me eat you whole" line at the end of the volume is a reference to the Shin Megami Tensei series, where the phrase is a common demon/persona greeting.




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