Honesty is a guild in Elder Tale and a member of the Round Table Alliance. Its guild master is Eins.


Although Honesty is a battle guild, it is far less competitive than guilds like D.D.D and the Black Sword Knights. The guild focuses on clearing dungeons and creating guides for other players, and has a policy of sharing information. That policy puts it into conflict from time-to-time with the other battle guilds.

After Krusty's disappearance, a significant number of the guild's leechers abandoned the guild and migrated over to Honesty, placing a large burden on the guild's resources and creating a rift between its old members and the leechers. While many of Eins' advisers wanted to kick the other players out, Eins himself thought that it would be akin to abandoning them and instead turned to the Round Table for help. However, with his suggestions for helping these players continuously rejected, he became frustrated with the organization's structure and policies.


Name Rank Class Status
Eins Guild Master Kannagi Active
Shigeru Member Samurai Active
Naomi Member Summoner Active
Haruharu Member Unknown Active
TOSHI Member Guardian Active


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