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Hua Diao is a young martenfolk girl and a Heavenly Official-Poison Tester. She resides in Fairyland, where an amnesiac Krusty is taken to after he finds himself in the Zhongyuan server following the incident with Calamity Hurts.


Hua Diao, as one of the few martenfolk capable of using the spell to make them appear human, appears as a young girl with weasel-like ears and nose. Her hair is a light brown color and she has blue eyes.

She wears an indigo-colored ruqun, a type of traditional Chinese garment, with pink-and-white trim. The skirt is indigo at the top, but fades to white towards the bottom.


Hua Diao's straightforward personality and naivete in regards to life outside of Fairyland makes her an easy target for Krusty's teasing.

Despite this, however, she is serious about her duty as a Heavenly Official. She refers to Krusty as "Master Immortal" as he is an Adventurer, and is worried that staying with Krusty meant defying the Genius Bucaphi, the "Queen Mother of the West" that Hua Diao and the martenfolk were supposed to serve.


After Zhu Huan found an amnesiac Krusty, Krusty was brought to Fairyland to recuperate under the care of Hua Diao and the martenfolk.

For the most part she was his main attendant, making sure he was comfortable and making him meals all the while thinking he was actually an Ancient rather than an adventurer.

On one of these days, she helped krusty prepare delicious baked goods for everyone on the temple, Krusty conversed with the little marten folk and suggested what sort of new recipes they should try, after it was decided which one it will be, Krusty suggested to visit one of the Earthling villages down in the mountains but Hua had spoke of that most paths are difficult to get across due to certain conditions such as for example you need a party of 4 to 6 and be level 80-90 so krusty decided to go down the mountains directly as it would be to bothersome to go trough all that and invited Hua to come along with him, which she gladly excepted.


Hua diao - enchanted hair ornament.jpg Enchanted Flower Ornament: A tail ornament passed down among martenfolk women, made with flowers from Fairyland. Few members of the martenfolk have learned the spell that lets them appear human; the majority are shaped like weasels, and so these ornaments are more common than hair ornaments. The fragrance of the flowers of each season soothes the heart.
Hua diao - indigo ruqun robe.jpg Indigo-Dyed Ruqun Robe: Clothes issued to the government officials of Fairyland. These special Magic-class items are both elegant and practical, and equipping them grants a bonus; however, the martenfolk aren't good at paperwork or performing calculations.
Hua diao - wisteria cane creel.jpg Wisteria Cane Creel: A creel that's woven carefully from the fines of the wisteria that grows in Fairyland. So that even weasels can carry them on their backs, they're fitted with shoulder straps. Technically, they're meant for carrying the fish one catches, but when bellies are full, they're habitually used as pillows for afternoon naps.


  • Hua Diao's name (花貂) is written in Mandarin Chinese and translates to Flower (花) Mink (貂).
  • In the second official popularity poll, she landed in 41st place out of a total of 86 characters.