Human is one of the four initial races in the world of Elder Tale and one of the eight races players can choose from.


Similar to humans in the real world, humans in the game can have a wide range of skin, hair, and eye colors as well as body size and builds. Their ability stats are well balanced, making them the most commonly chosen race.

Humans in Theldesia

In Yamato, Humans are the largest influential group, and thus, they act as the representative of Good Eight Races. They have strong social nature, and account for the majority of nobles. Due to their large population, Humans are seen in many kinds of occupations - farmer, craftsman, merchant, etc.

Humans are relatively tolerant of other races, often being mixing with them and living in the same cities. However, in many cases, this tolerance is an expression of composure as the largest and the strongest race.

In human societies, the vocational specialization is accelerated; many occupations gather and form an urban area. There is also active exchange between cities. Asocial, primitive villages are almost gone in current Yamato. Their level of culture is fairly high.

On the other hand, Humans are conservative and organized, tending to keep out of danger and look for safety. Humans don't travel much, and therefore, they aren't fit for being merchants compared to other races. It can be said that their adventurous spirit is scarce. There are many historical heroes, but Human heroes are not so many.

Racial Skills

Skill Name Effect
Extra Move A skill that allows you to travel quickly by gauging distance.
Entrusted Hope You possess the ability to draw out your latent strength during crisis. The wills and wishes entrusted to you by your fallen comrades doubles your strength.
Custom Weapon Resize various weapons to fit your hand.
Skill Practice There is one talent in which you particularly excel. However, you can't train in any other field.
Picky Choice A skill that uses your intuition and expert eye, allowing you to pick out a lucky find among treasure.
Human Discipline
Favored Arts

Known Humans

59 characters match the category selection:

Name Class Gender
Akaneya Ichimonjinosuke Sorcerer Logo.png Sorcerer Male
Akatsuki Assassin Logo.png Assassin Female
Alakshmi Swashbuckler Logo.png Swashbuckler Female
Asuka Kannagi Logo.png Kannagi Female
Caille Samurai Logo.png Samurai Male
Calasin Summoner Logo.png Summoner Male
Chika Swashbuckler Logo.png Swashbuckler Female
Chun Lu Cleric Logo.png Cleric Female
Coppelia16 25px [[]] Female
Coppelia Cleric Logo.png Cleric Female
Demiqas Monk Logo.png Monk Male
Dolce Bard Logo.png Bard Female
Eins Kannagi Logo.png Kannagi Male
Hayato Monk Logo.png Monk Male
Henrietta Bard Logo.png Bard Female
Hisako Summoner Logo.png Summoner Female
Isaac Guardian Logo.png Guardian Male
Isami Samurai Logo.png Samurai Female
Isuzu Bard Logo.png Bard Female
Kanako Cleric Logo.png Cleric Female
Kanami Monk Logo.png Monk Female
Katsuomaru Samurai Logo.png Samurai Male
Kawara Monk Logo.png Monk Female
Kawatarou Nakai Kannagi Logo.png Kannagi Male
Kazuhiko Assassin Logo.png Assassin Male
Kite Guardian Logo.png Guardian Male
Kozaru Assassin Logo.png Assassin Male
Krusty Guardian Logo.png Guardian Male
Kuu Cleric Logo.png Cleric Female
Kyouko Guardian Logo.png Guardian Female
Leonardo Assassin Logo.png Assassin Male
Lugrius 25px [[]] Male
Magus Sorcerer Logo.png Sorcerer Female
Mayfa Summoner Logo.png Summoner Female
Michitaka Monk Logo.png Monk Male
Mikakage Druid Logo.png Druid Female
Minori Kannagi Logo.png Kannagi Female
Naotsugu Guardian Logo.png Guardian Male
Rezarick Cleric Logo.png Cleric Male
Sasameyuki Summoner Logo.png Summoner Male
Serara Druid Logo.png Druid Female
Shigeru Samurai Logo.png Samurai Male
Shredder Summoner Logo.png Summoner Male
Smoking Lightning Assassin Logo.png Assassin Male
Soujiro Seta Samurai Logo.png Samurai Male
Stroganopp Druid Logo.png Druid Male
Tarareba Guardian Logo.png Guardian Male
Tetora Cleric Logo.png Cleric Female
Touya Samurai Logo.png Samurai Male
Whistler Bard Logo.png Bard Male
Wolf Samurai Logo.png Samurai Male
Yomi Summoner Logo.png Summoner Female
Yuko Sorcerer Logo.png Sorcerer Female
Yupia Kannagi Logo.png Kannagi Female
Yuta Samurai Logo.png Samurai Male
Yuuta Monk Logo.png Monk Male
Yuzuko Summoner Logo.png Summoner Female
†...Seiya...† Assassin Logo.png Assassin Male
★Kurama☆ Kannagi Logo.png Kannagi Male


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