The Imperial Forest Boar is a monster in the MMORPG Elder Tale.


When killed this monster will turn into an ingredient item.


Round Table Alliance arc

In the Imperial Garden Forest Naotsugu, Shouryuu, and Hien attempt to capture Imperial Forest Boar. They cannot kill the boar as it will turn into an ingredient items which is only two kilogram meat. However, if they capture the boar a good cook can use entire thing. Naotsugu uses Anchor Howl to freeze several boars while Shouryuu and Hien capture them.

They return with the captured boars and other animals to the Crescent Moon Alliance, where Nyanta and the other chefs use the monsters to make the Crescent Burger. Back in the forest the hunting party has filled there wagon. As they get ready to head back Shouryuu decides to stay behind to continue the hunt. When the wagon leaves he is confronted by the area boss a gigantic boar.

Later an exhausted Shouryuu returns caring the giant boar. Collapsing he doesn't hear Nyanta tell the others he can't use giant boar due to the taste.

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