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Iselus El-Arde Corwen (also translated as Itherus by Sentai Filmworks) is Rayneshia's younger brother and is the primary candidate to succeed Serjiad Corwen, although his father Feynail currently serves as his guardian.

He was first introduced in the Log Horizon TRPG supplementary material, but made an official appearance in volume 10.


As a young boy, Iselus has a short stature and barely reaches Isaac's waist. He typically wears a green jacket with off-white pants and boots.



Prior to the Catastrophe

Like his sisters Risselthea and Rayneshia, Iselus is the child of Feynail and Saraliya, and thus the grandson of Serjiad Corwen. Because Serjiad himself has no sons, Iselus will inherit his place in the Eastal League of Free Cities, despite being a little less than eight years younger than Rayneshia and much younger than Risselthea (who married a knight and was thus denied from inheritance).

Return of the Goblin King arc

Although Iselus is not seen in this arc, he was aware of the Adventurers' help in defeating the main Goblin forces and began idolizing them after that.

Homesteading the Noosphere arc

After Isaac and the Black Sword Knights are sent to Maihama to help improve relations with Eastal, Iselus quickly gains a liking towards Isaac and pursues him everywhere, to the man's annoyance. However, Isaac quickly comes to realize, after being assigned to protect him, that he was much more mature than he looked, as he was seen making plans to improve Maihama despite his young age.


Rainbow4LeafBookmarkPen Rainbow Four-Leaf Bookmark and Quill Pen (虹四葉のしおりと羽根ペン): Stationery gifted to him on his birthday by his father, Feynail, and the knights of the Glass Greaves. Then pen was made from the feather of a Griffon, and increases writing speed. The bookmark is made from a dried clover with seven colors, and has become a reading necessity.
YoungDewJacket Young Dew Jacket (若露の上着): The jacket is colored like the dew on young grass. It was woven with high-quality silk and is abundantly decorated with embroidery. For most children, it would be uncomfortable to wear, but Iselus wears it with pride.
HandmadeBroochScarletCoat Handmade Brooch of the Scarlet Coat (緋衣の手作りブローチ): A brooch with a salvia flower pressed inside. In the past, he made one with Saraliya and Rayneshia, and each of them are identical. It is customary to wear it during family celebrations and gatherings, and has become a symbol throughout Eastal of the harmonious relationship between brother and sister.


  • Iselus shares his voice actress, Mariya Ise, with his sister.



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