Ivan is a Person of the Land, grandson of Fedor and twin brother of Mischa.


Mischa ivan settings book

Mischa and Ivan in the Settings Book

Ivan has light brown hair, which sticks up, and dark brown eyes. He resembles Touya, just as Mischa resembles Minori, which makes Shiroe think of them when he lays eyes on the Lander twins.


Ivan is mischievous.[1]



Ivan and Mischa were born during a blizzard. Fedor, as the only man in the house while their father was away doing business, had to carry their mother to the doctor on the other side of the mountain so that she could deliver the twins.

Return to Akihabara

During a thunderstorm, a group of adventurers led by an Enchanter named Shiroe arrives at Arb and is invited to stay in Ivan's family's barn by their grandfather. Ivan and Mischa are awestruck by the ninja-like Assassin Akatsuki, asking her to show them some of her techniques. The group later gives the twins and their grandfather some food as a token of their gratitude.

The Scale Festival

Fedor, Mischa, and Ivan are seen briefly, attending the revelries at the Libra Festival.


  • In the Japanese version, Ivan shares a voice actor with Touya. In the English version, he shares a voice actress with Ashlynn and one of the Lander noble children playing hide-and-seek.
  • Even though Ivan and Mischa are stated to be twins in the anime, for some reason their birthdays are almost a month apart (September 3 for Ivan, October 1 for Mischa).
  • One of the dialogue portraits in the mobile game is a recolored Ivan, sporting dark blue hair and a blue shirt.



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