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Junzou is a Wolf Fang Samurai-Duelist and a member of Silver Sword. He is a member of the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party's third party.


Junzou wears samurai armor.


Despite sporting a nigh-constant scowl, he isn't actually displeased. That's just how his face is. He also has a sweet tooth.


The Catastrophe

After being trapped in the alternate world by the Catastrophe, Junzou meets up with the rest of the guild and is seen conversing with Sasameyuki and BologneseMaster.[2]

Round Table Alliance arc

Junzou, like the others in his guild, follows William to Susukino.

Gold of the Kunie arc

When Shiroe arrives at Silver Sword's guild hall, Junzou is sitting with HighlandSky and Ragoumaru at a table and watches Demiqas when he storms in. Afterwards, he joins the Abyssal Shaft raid party as a member of the third team.[3]

Just before the raid party enters the dungeon, Junzou smirks at the challenge while Pianississimo nervously says that she'll do her best. When Shiroe explains how the third party had a lower defense than the first two, Junzou can be seen instructing Pianississimo to move back while he and BologneseMaster fight off a Giant Slime. When they fight the first raid boss, Vendemaire, Junzou dies during one of the attempts and revives at the dungeon's entrance with HighlandSky and Pororoca.[4]

After reviving at the entrance to Abyssal Shaft, Junzou sits glumly over a crystal. When the others muse on how this world had rejected them, he comments that they could return to Susukino and serve as a peacekeeping guild. As William rejects such an idea, Junzou listens to his speech before agreeing that he could "give it another go".[2]




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