Kanako is a Human Cleric-Chef and the guild mistress of the small guild Danceteria. She is most notable for her cake date event during the Libra Festival, and is friends with Henrietta.


Kanako is a young woman with reddish-brown hair that is mostly tied behind a black bandanna. She wears a white blouse and a long burgundy skirt underneath a black apron-dress.


Kanako seems to be rather mischievous and prone to jumping to conclusions; upon believing that Shiroe was taking two girls out at the same time, she wasted no time in trolling them by arbitrarily upping the number of cakes they needed to eat to twelve whole cakes instead of twelve slices as a "punishment."

When Soujiro attends the cake date event with the West Wind Brigade, she attempts to do the same to him, only to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of girls the guild kept on inviting. It apparently never occurred to Kanako to simply cut off the number of participants they could bring in.


Prior to the Catastrophe

Kanako had a boyfriend who was younger than her and was a househusband.[1]

Libra Festival arc

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Kanako's only appearance is in this arc, where she runs the cake date event that Minori and Akatsuki invite Shiroe to. Although he explained to her his situation, she interpreted him to mean that he was bringing two dates with him, causing her to "punish" him by giving the group an overwhelmingly large amount of cakes to eat. To add insult to injury, she even scribbled menacing words like "I hope your glasses break" onto some of the cakes. On top of that, because the three naturally could not finish the cakes, Shiroe was forced to pay for all twelve of them as per the event rules.

To avenge his loss and in a fit of spite, Shiroe sends Soujiro Seta and the West Wind Brigade her way. However, to Shiroe's awe, the guild unintentionally one-ups him by bringing in so many girls that Kanako and Danceteria couldn't keep up, forcing Kanako to admit defeat.

Other Media

Honey Moon Logs

Kanako makes a cameo in the final chapter with Kayu, Smash, and Rikopin, participating in the Round Table Alliance establishment celebration by serving drinks.


  • Kanako shares a Japanese voice actress with Isuzu.
  • In the mobile game, Kanako's weapon is a staff whose top looks like a whisk.



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