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... The best part of adventuring is experiencing new things.
Kanami, Log Horizon: The Beginning of a Different World chapter 4

Kanami was the former leader of the now-disbanded Debauchery Tea Party, who quit Elder Tale when she moved to Europe two years prior to the main storyline. Some time before the Homesteading the Noosphere expansion pack was set to release, she started a new account on the Western European server. Formerly a level 90 Swashbuckler, she is now a level 90 Monk.

She makes her return in Log Horizon 9: Go East, Kanami!, having gathered a new misfit party on her way to Yamato, consisting of herself; Leonardo, a Ninja Frog cosplayer from the North American server; Elias Hackblade, the Hero of Elder Tale and one of the few remaining Ancients after the Catastrophe; and Coppelia, one of several farming bots under the same name. Some time before the events of the volume, she discovered her Overskill, Compression Combo.

Her real name is Kanami Minagawa (皆川鹿波, Minagawa Kanami?), and she is 27 years old (as of 2018). She is married to the Italian-German doctor Raffaello Balzo[ラッファエッロ・バルツォ], and has a 3-year-old daughter named Diana[ディーナ; pronounced 'Deana'].[3]


Kanami was 168 cm tall when she was still in Debauchery Tea Party, she wore a sleeveless kung fu jacket, trousers which were thick in the tight area, gaiters, sandogasa and her hair was worn in a china braid style. She used a long spear as her weapon. In her new character, she is 170 cm and her hair is tied together in a thick braid.

Kanami's real-life appearance has been noted to look like her character's.


Kanami is a very whimsical person, often dragging the members of the Tea Party to wherever she wanted to go. According to KR, she didn't so much lead Debauchery Tea Party, but rather led it into chaos or confusion. Shiroe also believes that she had a tendency to be chaotic and somewhat destructive.

She likes things that are "cute," telling Elias that she wouldn't want a hero that wasn't cute after he protested being called "Eli-Eli."


Before the Catastrophe

Kanami's character during the game era

Kanami was always charismatic, outgoing, and innocent, becoming the de facto leader of the Debauchery Tea Party. She is described as a human typhoon who, upon seeing something that "seems like it'll be fun," will charge after it with all of her power and energy.[4]

During a trip to Europe in 2015, Kanami was caught in the middle of a terrorist attack. After she reunited with her rescuer and to-be husband, the Italian-German Raffaello Balzo, they quickly fell in love and got married.[3] Within the next year, she quit Elder Tale—despite Indicus' protests—and moved to Italy to be together with him. At an unknown point in time afterwards, she started a new account in the Western European server.

Little is known about Raffaello, but he is known to be a member of Médecins du Monde (also known as Doctors of the World). Kanami decided to study in Europe to be with him.[5] Together, they had a daughter, who is now three years old.

The Catastrophe

Kanami and Coppelia meet

After finding herself within the world of Theldesia following the Catastrophe, Kanami decided to work her way down to the Yamato server to meet up with Shiroe, whom she believed would help her find the answer to this "great adventure".

Along the way, she rescued Elias when he was about to be sealed away by the Geniuses' Words of Death. When the two passed Fleur de Vil, they encountered Coppelia, who was fighting against monsters alone despite having all her equipment broken, and added her to their group.

Kanami, Go East! arc

Around six months after the Catastrophe, Kanami's Party makes its way down to Aorsoi on the Zhongyuan server. There, Kanami meets Leonardo, an American player who was stranded there after using a Fairy Ring to escape the North American server. He had inadvertently triggered an event that made the monsters in the area more numerous, making it impossible for him to escape alone. Though he is briefly excited by the prospect of rescue from a Chinese player, she quickly dashes his hopes when she reveals that she's neither Chinese nor from the Chinese server.[6]

Even though Kanami grates on his nerves, Leonardo decides that traveling with her and her companions is his best bet for escaping Tekkeli. The battle ends up turning south, just as he'd predicted, but the sudden appearance of a mysterious Hakutaku (her old friend KR in a summoned body) leads them out of the area, and they successfully escape. Upon discovering the Hakutaku's identity, Kanami is visibly pleased to see an old friend.

When Kanami learns about an undying Black Dragon which managed to wipe the Lelang Wolf Cavalry, a well-known guild from the Zhongyuan server, Kanami decides that she can't overlook this situation. Ignoring Leonardo's misgivings, she, Coppelia, and Elias head down to Tonnesgrave. After Leonardo and KR enter the fray, Leonardo knocks Rasphuia and Papus—the Geniuses who were the true perpetrators of the situation—off the Black Dragon's back. Papus escapes from Leonardo's grip and ends up fighting Kanami, Coppelia, and Elias. Although it nearly seals Elias away again with the Words of Death, Kanami's affirmation of his existence empowers him to live on, and the two defeat Papus while Leonardo solos Rasphuia.[7]

By the time the first anniversary of the Catastrophe comes around, Kanami's Party is still wandering the Zhongyuan wilderness, partially due to the sheer size of the desert, and partially due to Kanami's trouble-detecting "talent." While exploring some limestone caves to seek out a Great Wolf mount of her own, Kanami runs into a partially-amnesiac Krusty—who had disappeared from Yamato, turned up in Zhongyuan, was brought to Fairyland to recuperate from his bad status affliction, and ended up crashing into the caves during a clash with Elias.

Noosphere arc

After defeating Papus, fending off the Eternal Moths, and discovering the existence of another Genius, Kanami's Party, plus Krusty, clears the dungeon. Then, they found a communications link at the same time that the Shibuya Raid Team had finished up the raid; interested in the device, Kanami called out into it. When Shiroe answers her call, they briefly catch up on life, with Kanami informing him that her daughter turned three and him giving her his congratulations. However, when he asks if she had to return home because of that, she quizzically asks him why. Although he is shocked at first, he understands her reasoning when she continues to explain that she wanted to show her daughter this world. With a newfound goal, Shiroe aims to create a connection between the two worlds so that people wouldn't have to simply choose one world or the other.[8]


Kanami giant-killer gauntlets.jpg Giant-Killer Gauntlets: Production-class melee weapon that uses a lot of quest-based materials. It’s super effective against Giants, as the name would suggest, but is also a good weapon in general, so it maintains a high popularity.
Kanami flower mantis togi.jpg Flower Mantis Togi: According to legend, a Fairy King had this magic-class cloth armor specially-tailored for his tomboyish Fairy Princess who wanted to be a Monk. Despite the glamorous white-and-pink appearance, it places importance on offensive ability.
Kanami kanahagame skillet.jpg Kanahagame Skillet: An iron skillet made by a Swordsmith who had fun in naming it. If properly cared for, it can be used throughout your life, and dishes won’t burn even if oil wasn’t added. Because it can be used as a weapon if swung heavily, it is suitable as a Chef's companion.


  • Between episode 1 and episode 14 of Log Horizon 2, her pants were censored so they wouldn't suggest showing so much skin. Another notable change was in the backgrounds.
  • In the light novel and anime, Kanami's name is spelled in Japanese for reading convenience; in reality, it appears as KANAMI.[9]
  • Despite being the same level and having the same equips, Kanami's stats between her light novel profile and her anime status screen are different.
  • In the SNG, Kanami's Swashbuckler outfit can be acquired as a female avatar costume. However, all avatars, regardless of race, wear black underclothes under the outfit instead of showing their skin.
  • Despite her importance to Shiroe, he never addresses her name until volume 7. Even there, Naotsugu is the first one to call her by name. The reason for this is unknown, although it's possible that Mamare never thought of a name for her (or didn't intend to incorporate her into the main story) until he wrote the Dragonhowl Mountains side-story, which was written between volumes 5 and 6.
  • In her Japanese name, カナミ, ナミ is pronounced "nami," the same as the Japanese word for wave (波). According to Mamare, this is to represent how she will be a "big wave" for the story.
    • In Chinese, her name is spelled 加奈美 (Jianaimei). Interestingly enough, those same characters can be used in Japanese, and it is still pronounced as "Kanami."
  • In Log Horizon 9: Kanami, Go! East!, her Tea Party information in the Appendix listed her subclass as "unknown," as with Gingami. However, the Japanese wiki cites her subclass as "Traveler of Seven Lands" (七陸走破).[10]
  • Like several other characters in the series, Kanami has similarities to another character in Maoyu. In her case, she bears a great resemblance to the Female Hero, the predecessor of the current Hero before her untimely death.



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