Kawatarou Nakai is a Human Kannagi-Woodworker and a member of the Silver Sword. He participates in the fourth party of the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party.

His birthday is July 24.[1]


Nakai has short black hair and dark gray-blue eyes.


Nakai idolizes William, becoming a bow-user in order to imitate him. Due to his relatively young age, he rigorously trains himself day and night, never missing a single one of his independent training sessions.


Round Table Alliance arc

Like the rest of Silver Sword, he moves from Akiba to Susukino to follow their guild master.

Gold for the Kunie arc

When Shiroe finds William Massachusetts at Silver Sword's guild hall, Nakai can be seen sitting with Ukiyo at a table next to William's. When Demiqas barges in, seeking a rematch with the Enchanter, the two of them turn to stare at him. After William reminds Demiqas that Silver Sword now ruled Susukino, Nakai is among those staring menacingly at him.[2]

During the first fight against Vendemaire of First Prison, Nakai is instantly killed by the raid boss' new attack, with Prometheus kneeling over his body and telling the healers to revive him. Against El Raida, he and Odiso are trapped by the monster's tentacles and he struggles to break free. During one of their breaks, Nakai sits in a semi-circle with Pianississimo and Pororoca, using his Woodworker subclass to create more Crystal Comet arrows.[3]




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