Kinou no Wanko[Name transliterates to "Yesterday of dog"] is a Werecat Samurai in the Black Sword Knights.


Kinou is a tall Werecat with black fur and a white muzzle and white paw-like hands. He wears an aikidogi along with a brown scarf around his shoulders.



Round Table Alliance arc

Kinou can be seen when Marielle talks to Shiroe about the Black Sword Knights' usage of EXP Pots from Hamelin, which was taking advantage of new players.

Later, Akatsuki is spying on a Hamelin member when Kinou meets up with him to buy EXP Pots, an opportunity she uses to get the Hamelin member's username as part of Shiroe's plan.

Summer Training arc

Along with Rezarick, Kinou serves as one of the Sword Knight representatives for the Summer Training camp. When the Sahuagin begin attacking en masse, he and the other teachers band together to buy time for the lower-leveled players to escape.



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