Kirin-chan[Kirin means giraffe in Japanese] is a Dwarf Summoner-Animal Trainer in the Black Sword Knights.[1] Her birthday is on May 15.[2]

Even though she looks like a joke with her giraffe-head headdress, she's actually a highly skilled combatant and entertainer who utilizes high-speed comedy action. Her favorite phrase is "Giraffes can run at 60km per hour[37 mph]?!" Anyone who points out her short stature will be met with a sharp headbutt from her giraffe head.


When Isaac is invited to the Round Table Conference, Kirin-chan is seen among the members in the background, watching him and Rezarick converse.[3]

After the Log Horizon members move into their new guild house only to find it completely dirty, Isaac barges in with some of his Summoners, Kirin-chan among them. He then has them use their Undines to flood the entire building, completely cleaning it in the process before leaving as quickly as they had come.[4]


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