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The Kunie are factions in Theldesia that maintains the magical technology left behind by the Alvs. As a result, most of them, or at least their leaders, are Half-Alvs.

Each Adventurer City has its own branch of the Kunie Clan. However, they do not seem to be a united faction and may not even be related to each other. For example, the Kunie groups in Eastal (供贄) and Westelande (久爾永) have two different spellings for their name.


The Kunie are a mystery; while their existence is known, who they are and what they do is largely unknown. Members of the Kunie clans are secretive, and Li Gan states that previous Sages of Mirror Lake had attempted to contact the Kunie to no avail.

As the maintainers of the Alvs' legacy, the Kunie are the ones maintaining the Bank system, and are in charge of watching the infinite pool of gold that provides the server with the gold that is carried by monsters. It is mainly for this reason that they stay hidden from the public—if it was known that they were protecting such technology, they would be viewed as traitors to the Earthlings by "supporting" monsters.

They also have control of the Royal Guards, along with the magical barriers that protect the Adventurer Cities from monsters, that are all connected to a large magic circle that is found underneath the city. So far, Akiba is the only known city to willingly disable its magic circle.

Killing all the members of a city's Kunie Clan will render the city's facilities inoperational; this is one of the reasons why Nakasu was abandoned after Plant Hwyaden's invasion.[1] As Nakasu's Kunie clan name shares a spelling with Eastal's, they may have been slain by the rivaling clan from Westelande.

Known Members

Eastal Faction

Westelande Faction


  • The two known members of Eastal's Kunie faction have the subclass Servant of the East (東の奉仕者). It is possible that this extends to all members of the faction.