Kunie Gold is the twelfth episode of the Log Horizon 2 anime. It covers part of the first and last chapters of The Gold of the Kunie.


As Demiqas draws the Shadow Vanguards spawned by Ruseato of Seven Prison away from the main party, he grabs Shiroe along and carries him to the entrance of the final room in the Abyssal Shaft. Shiroe enters the final room in the Abyssal Shaft where he faces Kinjo and Uru of the Nine Prison, whose power was far stronger than the other raid bosses.However Shiroe also realizes that Kinjo is afraid, as the unyielding spirit of the Adventurers was similar to an zombie attack.



Confronting the final boss

According to the contract, due to Shiroe making it this far, the Kunie agree to answer Shiroe's questions and explain how the gold system works. All the gold in Yamato is born in that location and returns there. It is all done with ancient technology that even the Kunie don't understand. Shiroe says they have no intention of sharing this information or even that this zone exists. His is told that because he has made it far, he has the right to take the gold.



Shiroe pulls a contract out of his magic bag and then tears it up. A fountain of gold streams down next to him. He says that the Round Table does not seek wealth and that they don't need the rights to the Guild Hall. He said that they assign the rights for the city of Akihabara, including the Guild Hall and Cathedral, to the Yamato server. Through the destruction of the contract it makes this assignation of right eternal. The Round Table had bought the facilities of Akiba to prevent their misuse, but the cost of maintenance was too high. He says he wishes to use the Kunie's gold to buy all the zones (forests, mountains, lakes, etc.) of Yamato and return them to the server to prevent future purchases. They would like to get rid of purchasable zones altogether. Not only would this prevent people from abusing the rights, but it would also negate the unfair advantage Adventurers have over People of the Land, as Landers do not have the ability to purchase zones. He believes that regular contracts will work for ownership of property and the purchase of zones is unnecessary. He requests the funding to do this insisting that Yamato's land should be returned to Yamato.



Demiqas still kiting Shadow Vanguard

While Shiroe is negotiating with the Kunie Clan, the William fires the shot which in defeats Ibura Habura of Third Prison and allows the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party to focus their attention on Tarutauruga of Fourth Prison. Meanwhile, Demiqas is still kiting all of the Shadow Vanguard, keeping them away from Shiroe and the party members who are fighting the raid boss.

Near the conclusion of Shiroe's negotiations, the raid pary manages to defeat Tarutauruga. They are all exhausted but happy. There is a large pile of treasure as a reward for their victory over two raid bosses, which includes several phantasm-class items. Ukiyo happily reminds everyone of the rule that the guild master chooses who gets the items. William examines the treasures and pulls


William announces Shiroe will get the Moon Blossom Talisman

out the Moon Blossom Talisman and then announces that he would like to give it to Shiroe. At this point, rainbow light filters in from above and the air changes, feeling warmer. William is sure that it is because Shiroe has done something. He continues his announcement that even though Shiroe isn't a Silver Sword, he is a comrade who fought with them.

Prometheus plants the Silver Sword banner into the ground and then a large, marble slab appears stating that Silver Sword was the first group to complete the raid, with all their names listed beneath, carved there for eternity. Demiqas seemed shocked to see his name appear as one of the first to complete the raid. This concludes the Abyssal Shaft Party Raid.



Leaving Susukino

After finishing the raid, the group returned to Susukino. Shiroe reflects on how he refused to say Demiqas' name; that it was probably that was angry at himself and he took it out on Demiqas and his bad behavior. He admits he was wrong to do that.

Back in Susukino, Li Gan asks them all sorts of questions, including what it was like to die. Eventually, Vuorinen and Federico drag the scholar away so Shiroe and company can have a break. When it comes time to leave, Li Gan stays behind to investigate the inter-city transport gate. Silver Sword remained as well, to protect the town as they rebuild and to prepare for future raids. William asks Shiroe to add him to his friend list, which Shiroe has already done. Demiqas brags to his wife how he saved Shiroe; she smiles and tell him he looks happier now.


Griffin ride home

On the trip home Tetora states she wanted to ride with Naotsugu, but he insisted his armor is heavy so his griffin doesn't like carrying two. She teases that maybe it's a special seat for someone. He insists it's not. Shiroe tells Tetora not to tease Naotsugu too much, to which she replies that it's not fun unless she teases him too much. Shiroe then asks her when will she tell Naotugu that she's a boy (presumably in real life). She insists it's a secret until he figures it out; it's more fun that way. Shiroe then says it's a delicate time for Naotsugu and Maryelle, hoping Tetora won't cause problems for them. Naotsugu asked why Shiroe let her into the guild and was told that Kazuhiko recommended her. She says Shiroe can save more people than she can and the world won't let him stay uninvolved.

Plant Hwyaden

Plant Hwyaden holds a meeting of the Ten Seat Council in it's strange, platformed room. A couple of them wonder where Indicus is and want the meeting to start. Roreil Dawn seems more concerned about Nureha's absence, again.Once Indicus arrives they discuss Akihabara's army in Seventh Falls. Zeldys and Jered Gan say that the Royal Guard (Enbart Nelles) was captured. Kazuhiko and Nakarunado knew nothing about a Royal Guard. Indicus says it's not important. KR then announces that Shiroe has returned to Akihabara, surprising everyone. When Indicus is asked what she will do, she laughs.

Meanwhile, Nureha is curled up in her room, alone, on a giant pile of pillows.


Everyone is excited about Shiroe and Naotsugu's return. Maryelle has a slight clothing crises when trying to figure out what to where after not seeing Naotsugu in over a month. Rudy gets all dressed up to impress the new guild member. Minori wants to head to the meeting place early, in case Shiroe and the others are early. Akatsuki assures her it's fine, she knows her lord and he'll arrive right on time.


Clerics fight over Naotsugu

Shiroe, Natsugu, and Log Horizon's newest memeber, Tetora, return to Akihabara. As they near the city, Tetora sees people in the distance and asks if they're members of Log Horizon. When Naotsugu calls out to Maryelle, Tetora grabs his hand and runs towards the group, pulling him along behind her. Henrietta comments how they're holding hands, making Maryelle jealous. The two clerics fight of Naotsugu, tugging him and climbing on him, while Henrietta laughs.


Akatsuki hides behind Shiroe

The younger members of the guild and Nyanta welcome Shiroe home. He tells them he'll introduce Tetora later, since she is a little busy at that moment. He notices Akatsuki isn't there and looks around, finding her standing behind him. Shiroe asks Akatsuki if she has gotten taller. She gets angry at him and he apologizes and says she seems more grown up. She hides behind him, embarrassed. He then contemplates that she had been fighting too; they all have, that they are all (including the members of Silver Sword and Demiqas) are doing their best. They are all charging forward with him.



  • The meeting of the Ten-Seat Council, in the light novel, was before Shiroe negotiated with Kinjo in the first episode. As a result, they did not mention the murderer in Akiba (since that event had not occurred yet), and they instead discussed some issues within Minami that were to be dealt with.
    • Instead of mentioning that Shiroe had returned to Akiba, KR tells Indicus that Shiroe was nowhere to be found in Akiba, since he had left for the Abyssal Shaft raid in the light novel.
  • In the anime, when Shiroe and Naotsugu return, all of Log Horizon is present along with only Maryelle and Henrietta from Crescent Moon Alliance. In the Light Novel, Serara, Shouryuu and Hien also are present.