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Kurinon is a female Cleric-War Priest member of the West Wind Brigade. She became a member not because she was interested in Soujiro. Rather, she was interested in the rest of the female members. Like several other members of her guild, she was in the Akiba Raid Party.

Her birthday is on June 25.


She has long brown hair and green eyes.


Kurinon seems to be a proud lesbian, joining West Wind Brigade only because of its overwhelming ratio of women. She can become rather possessive of the women in the guild, as seen when she clings to Fragrant Olive and when she becomes enraged by Camaysar's brainwashing of Sara.

She has a tendency to have perverted fantasies of the other girls in the guild, which is used as a running gag in Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade.


Libra Festival arc

During the Libra Festival, Kurinon, with her guild and Soujiro's other fan girls, helps Shiroe control the Landers causing trouble at the festival. She is seen being rather attached to Fragrant Olive, though, as she isn't really interested in Souji.

Fallen Guardian arc

Kurinon participates in Operation Capture as a member of the Akiba Raid Party. At the training grounds, she is seen behind Hisako as she summons a Slime.[4] During the raid, she is on Team H with Dolce and Fragrant Olive, and joins in on the celebratory pajama party afterwards.[1]

Homesteading the Noosphere arc


Kurinon's stats

In Akiba, Kurinon is walking with Nazuna, Dolce, Kawara, Isami, and Fragrant Olive as they discuss Sara's disappearance. Upon finding her with Camaysar, entranced, Kurinon becomes enraged and charges after them, asking him what he had done to the Lander girl. As he turns around and asks her to become his bride, she angrily rejects him, followed by a punch to the face that reveals his true status as a Genius. Undaunted, the monster simply smiles and gets back up, asking Kurinon the same question and this time, hypnotizing her into agreeing. Shocked by this turn of events, the rest of the group is surprised once again by Soujiro's intervention.[2]

Other Media

Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade

As the only member of the guild who isn't there for Souji, Kurinon tends to see him as a rival or enemy, especially since he holds the attraction of the girls that she wants (and joined the guild for).

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land

Main article: Kurinon/SNG

Kurinon is a gacha character in the mobile game.


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