Kyouko is a Human Guardian-Commander and the leader of the West Wind Brigade's third team. She often serves as an advance guard.

In the real world, she is a high school student named Kyouko (恭子).[2] Her birthday is on March 7.


Kyouko is seen wearing her armor most of the time, just like Naotsugu. She has middle-length hair.



Before the Catastrophe

Kyouko was athletic and participated as a group organizer for club events.[2]

Fallen Guardian arc

Kyouko in the S2 anime

Kyouko is walking down the street at night, returning to the guild hall after acquiring some goods from Shopping District 8 and daydreaming of Soujiro when a mysterious murderer attacks her. Although she attempts to fight back, she ultimately dies and later revives at the Cathedral, realizing that for whatever reason, the Royal Guard never came despite a fight ensuing within the Akiba walls. She revives in the morning and returns to her guild, but is the first known victim of the murderer. The string of murders continues throughout the week, despite various guilds creating patrols at night.[3]

Her death leads to the mobilization of the West Wind Brigade against the murderer, as it angered Soujiro greatly.

She later pairs up with Rieze in the group's mission to defeat the murderer, Enbart Nelles.[4]

Other Media

Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade

Kyouko in West Wind Brigade

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land


  • Kyouko's death at Enbart Nelles' hands is one of the three times blood is depicted in the Log Horizon anime, and is the first time in both seasons that it is shown.


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