Lanius Capture is a Samurai skill.


This skill allows a player to disable a target's abilities to talk and cast any spell for 15 seconds.

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land

In the SNG, this is a Samurai skill that deals damage based on the user's Attribute and Silences the enemy for 3 turns. It has a 6-turn cooldown.

It is used by several characters, including [Valentine] Isami.


  • In the Yen On translation of The Knights of Camelot, it is called Rania's Capture. However, this is a misinterpretation of the katakana name, as it is actually referring to the Lanius genus of shrikes (a type of bird), also known as "butcher birds" for their feeding habits.
    • For some background: 百舌の速贄, the kanji name for this skill, is actually an entire phrase unto itself. When shrikes capture larger prey, they will impale it on something sharp to secure it, so they can rip into it with their beaks. The Japanese phrase roughly translates to "butcher-bird prey impaled on twigs for later consumption."


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