The Lelang Wolf Cavalry[This is the Chinese reading of the name, since the guild's in, well, China] ("Rakurou Wolf Brigade"[This is based on the Japanese reading of the name] in Crunchyroll's translation) is a guild within Elder Tale's Chinese server.


Not much is known about this guild, but it was one of the most famous guilds on the Chinese server. It is well-known in the Yamato server for the members' unique playing style, which consisted of riding a wolf mount unique to China.

The guild was under attack by the Black Dragon controlled by Papus, a Genius Monster, and had two groups wiped out by the monster until Kanami's Party decided to deal with it. In spite of this, the guild still remains intact three months later.

The guild has, up until the events of volume 11, been avoiding the guild wars that erupted throughout the Chinese server. However, Zhu Huan soon receives word from messengers of other guilds that battle between them will soon be inevitable. Faced with no other choice, Zhu Huan prepares to fight.

Known Members



  • The Lelang Commandery was an administrative district established by the Chinese Han Dynasty in areas that are now part of North Korea.
  • 楽, used in the first part of the guild's name, is the Japanese variant of the character 樂 (Traditional Chinese) or 乐 (Simplified Chinese).
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