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Lelia Mofur is a Wolf Fang Monk and an Ancient in the Izumo Knights, along with her younger sister Litka. Designed in Elder Tale to help lower-level players and serve as quest-givers, the two have a propensity for getting into trouble.

At the end of Volume 13, she and Litka join Log Horizon.


Lelia wears a dancer's outfit that shows quite a bit of skin, emphasizing her class' specialty in dodge-tanking.[1] While she is a Wolf Fang, she has Ritian-like markings on her skin.


Lelia is serious and miserly, in stark contrast to Litka, and she often worries about Litka's carefree nature.


Prior to the Catastrophe

Nightingale's Song arc


In battle, Lelia uses metal leg bracers as her weapon and her combat style revolves around the Kicker build.[1]


  • Lelia and Litka's designs were first revealed in the "Barbecue for Log Horizon's Change" short story cover for the Log Horizon Re:Fraction gallery event.


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