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Litka Mofur is an Ancient Wolf Fang Druid-Collector[1] and a remnant of the Knights of Izumo.

Along with her older sister Lelia, she was designed to be a crutch character for lower-leveled players, and is thus set at level 65 when most other Ancients are known for being at higher levels than even the Adventurers.


Litka has vivid green hair and rose-pink eyes. She appears to be in her late teens, much like her sister. Like her sister, she has Ritian-like markings on her skin, though hers are inexplicable. (Lelia has the Sigilmancer subclass.)


Though Litka looks like she is in her late teens, her mannerisms and speech make her seem more like a ten-year-old. She seems to simultaneously respect and fear Lelia.[1]


Before the Catastrophe

Litka and Lelia were infamous on the Yamato server for an extremely annoying side quest.

After several years, Lelia and Litka were phased out of Elder Tale content. In the world of Theldesia, this translated to the two sisters getting trapped underground and falling into a deep slumber for the equivalent of roughly a hundred years. They would not awaken until the Catastrophe disrupted their resting place, causing them to awaken.

As a result, only veteran players like Shiroe, Nyanta, and Tetora who have several years of Elder Tale gaming under their belts remember them and their antics; Naotsugu and Akatsuki are too new to remember them.

Nightingale's Song arc




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