Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade is a spin-off manga of the Log Horizon light novels, revolving around the titular guild. The chapters are also published on Age Premium, an online magazine that can be read for free. The series was licensed by Yen Press for an English release. It is published both in paperback and digital.

After the release of the 63rd chapter on January 8, 2018, Koyuki announced that the manga would conclude with its 65th chapter.[1][2]

The manga spans the Catastrophe to the Libra Festival arc.

Alternative Titles

記錄的地平線 ~西風旅團~
Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade


The Catastrophe arc

The manga begins after the Catastrophe sucked everyone playing Elder Tale at the time of the Homesteading the Noosphere expansion pack's release into the game. Soujiro Seta, guild master of the West Wind Brigade is the first one among himself, Isami, and Nazuna to awaken. As he looks around confusedly, other players who had also awoken start creating a ruckus, all panicking and confused by the situation. After the two members of his guild that are with him awaken, they end up going into the forest to assist Kawara, who had gone in to chase after two new players. Successfully defending the new players and experiencing fighting in the world of Elder Tale for the first time, D.D.D shows up to pick up the two kids. Afterwards, the four West Wind members return to their guild hall.

PKing arc

Round Table Alliance arc

Similar to the light novel and the anime, Soujiro meets up with Shiroe and Nyanta when the new guild needs help to accomplish its goal. The West Wind Brigade agrees to help run the Crescent Moon Refreshment Stand.

While helping out, though, they come in conflict with some nobles who want to know the secret to tasty food. In the middle of that, someone fires an arrow into the middle of the crowd.

Soujiro attends the Round Table Conference, watching as Shiroe controls the meeting, and agrees to the formation of the Round Table Alliance.

Afterwards, with the revelation of magical engineering, a bath is built in the West Wind Brigade guild hall. Much to Soujiro's shock, several of the girls sneak into the bath through the vents and end up dropping into the water. Much to their shock, the person they next see is not a naked Souji, but a naked Dolce.[3]

Summer Training arc

After a messenger from the Eastal League of Free Cities delivers an invitation to the Round Table Alliance to attend their conference, Soujiro and the other members of the Round Table watch as Calasin, Michitaka, and Roderick have a rock-paper-scissors match to see who would go, with Michitaka as the loser and thus the representative. As Soujiro leaves, Kawara, out of homesickness, suddenly jumps into his arms and attempts to get him to notice her, to no avail. After Fragrant Olive jealously tells her to get off Souji, Kawara walks away and spends the rest of the day away from the others. She walks around booths, plays with a pet Slime, meets Marielle (and is kidnapped to be used as a dress-up doll for Henrietta), and helps out a Earthling split logs. As she lays in the man's cart, Soujiro appears before her and has a duel with her in the forest. Irritated that he was going easy on her, Kawara manages to punch him in the throat, causing him to seriously attack her by throwing her into a boulder. Kawara, in better spirits, returns to the guild as Souji recommends going to the Summer Training Camp to help take her mind off her homesickness. Meanwhile, in a cave, Goblins are amassing.[4]

Published Volumes

No. Japanese English ISBN
1 February 9, 2013 January 26, 2016 ISBN 978-0316309004 (EN)
The beautiful harem guild fights bravely!!

In the online RPG world of Elder Tales, the West Wind Brigade is renowned among players for its skills, strength, and...gorgeous members! But when a disastrous expansion Pack traps thousands of players inside the game world, it's up to guild master Soujirou to keep his friends safe-from man and beast alike!!

2 September 6, 2013 April 26, 2016 ISBN 978-0316309042 (EN)
A disastrous expansion of the online RPG Elder Tales has trapped thousands of players inside the game world—among them, the members of a guild known as the West Wind Brigade. As PKs run rampant and suspicious shadows engage in clandestine tactics, Soujirou makes a resolution...!
3 March 9, 2014 July 26, 2016 ISBN 978-0316309080 (EN)
The West Wind Brigade, a guild trapped in an online game, continues its adventures! A group of evil player killers is disrupting the peace, so it's the Brigade to the rescue—but awaiting them is a sinister trap. Guild master Soujirou must rise to the challenge (if only for the sake of the beautiful ladies in his guild)!
4 October 9, 2014 October 25, 2016 ISBN 978-0316309103 (EN)
Trapped in the game world of Elder Tales, Soujirou and the fetching lasses of the West Wind Brigade are getting tired of the tasteless food. However, with the sudden appearance of a burger joint, it seems the bland monotony may be at an end—but the quest for the secret to tasty burgers is not going to be as easy as they'd like!
5 March 9, 2015 May 23, 2017 ISBN 978-0316553155 (EN)
Akiba's top-class players assemble! Will the guilds reconcile and join forces?

Top guild masters gather in response to a summons from the Machiavelli-with-glasses Shiroe! At an ultra-important conference that will determine the fate of the people who've been trapped in the world of an online game, what will Soujirou, the West Wind Brigade guild master, do!?

6 October 9, 2015 August 22, 2017 ISBN 978-0316558655 (EN)
Internal strife in the West Wind Brigade!? An unforeseen crisis menaces the town of Akiba! When the West Wind Brigade assumes responsibility for the Round Table Council's general affairs, Kurinon, the member with an unrivaled fondness for girls, maneuvers secretly in the shadows. Her goal is...the foundation of the New Harem Kurinon Kingdom!? Can our man Soujirou protect the town of Akiba!?
7 April 9, 2016 November 21, 2017 ISBN 978-0316474504 (EN)
Soujirou is conducting special training in hopes of acquiring power from outside the system. However, just under their noses, an army of more than ten thousand Goblins appears on the Zantleaf Peninsula! In the face of this unprecedented situation, the West Wind Brigade musters its best fighters and sets off to guard the Ancient Court of Eternal Ice, where the nobles are assembled!
8 October 8, 2016 February 20, 2018 ISBN 978-0316474696 (EN)
A mysterious Person of the Earth maneuvers covertly in the shadows of the capture of the difficult quest, The Return of the Goblin King. Does he hold the secret to the Adventurers' resurrection?! Soujirou clashes with an eerie, formidable enemy with powers that surpass the common sense of the game! As sparks fly, how will the battle play out?!
9 May 9, 2017 July 24, 2018 ISBN 978-1975353322 (EN)
After a thief known as the Equipment Hunter suddenly appears in the city of Akiba and attacks people, making off with some weapons and armor, the chase begins for the members of the West Wind Brigade! Soujirou comes along for the ride, along with a mysterious person who looks just like him...!? But there's no time to ask questions-the Knights of the Black Sword have arrived, and an all-out war is about to begin!
10 November 9, 2017 November 13, 2018 ISBN 978-1975328115 (EN)
The Equipment Hunter returns with his sights set on one thing - Kuroe. But no way is Soujirou going to let him take her! With the Equipment Hunter's natural enemy in tow, Soujirou and the West Wind Brigade are gonna give it all they've got in this second fight to the death!
11 May 9, 2018 March 19, 2019 ISBN 978-1975384012 (EN)
After an unforeseen counterattack from the Equipment Hunter, Soujirou finds himself in a pinch! He is not alone, though, as the revived Kuroe comes to his rescue, backed up by the power of all their friends. As this battle to the death comes to a close, what will Soujirou and the West Wind Brigade lose...and what will they gain?

Conflicts with the Light Novel and Anime

  • Dolce's failed attempt to slice up lettuce actually would not count as cooking, according to the light novel; Akatsuki was able to peel an orange with a knife without any issue.
  • In chapter 14, Isami uses Soujiro's Phantasmal katana. However, it has been stated in the light novel that it is impossible for a player to use a Phantasmal item if he or she is not the player who first acquired it.
  • Chapter 18.5 has several of the girls fall ill with the Japanese cold and bedridden, but side material for the light novel revealed that while illnesses can still be contracted, they usually appear as Bad Statuses and can be removed with the appropriate items or spells.
  • In episode 2 of the first season of Log Horizon, the discovery that death was not the end in the world of Elder Tale was made when an unnamed player "died while fighting the monsters," where as West Wind Brigade made Soujiro's death and revival at the cathedral to be the moment that this revelation was discovered. In one of the Q&A sessions with Mamare Touno, it was suggested that this may have been because of the rather graphic nature of the events leading up to Soujiro's death (compared to the tame NHK broadcasts). The light novel does not mention who was killed and how.
  • The nature of the Royal Guard was adjusted for the manga. In the light novel, players that attack other players are not immediately killed, but are simply sent to prison. However, West Wind Brigade changed it so that Soujiro would have a reason to fight the Guard that appeared after Isami attacked the Hamelin member. Attacking a Guard, as Soujiro did, is the only known instance where a player would be killed by them.


  • Chapter 64 makes a call-back to Nyanta's Fortune Recipes chapter 7. One panel has Misa, Nazuna, and Henrietta in the same composition and expressions as the other spin-off manga's.




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