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Log Horizon 2 (ログ・ホライズン2?) is the second season of the Log Horizon anime adaption, picking up where the previous season left off.

It adapts the following web novel and light novel volumes:

The opening theme song is "database" by MAN WITH A MISSION ft. Takuma from 10-Feet, while the ending theme song is "Wonderful Wonder World*" by Yun*chi.[1]

Official Synopsis

Veteran gamer Shiroe and his friends are still trapped in the world of the online game Elder Tales. The chaotic city of Akiba has returned to normal for the Earthlings, the original residents of the game world and Shiroe has gained their trust since the war against the Goblins. The highest-ranking Earthling aristocrat, Princess Raynesia, has become the ambassador of Akiba.

Now Shiroe and his team are thinking about their next goals in this game world. Will they remain in Akiba or go west? Or will they travel north or to another faraway country? The team's opinions begin to diverge. What adventures await them in the second series of LOG HORIZON?[2]

Episode List

No. Title Air Date
1 Shiroe of the Northern Lands Oct. 4, 2014
2 The Outlaw and Mithril Eyes Oct. 11, 2014
3 The Abyssal Shaft Oct. 18, 2014
4 Shattered Wings Oct. 25, 2014
5 Christmas Eve Nov. 1, 2014
6 A Lost Child at Dawn Nov. 8, 2014
7 The Maidens of Watermaple Nov. 15, 2014
8 Akiba Raid Nov. 22, 2014
9 The Changing Battlefield Nov. 29, 2014
10 Guild Master Dec. 6, 2014
11 Retry Dec. 13, 2014
12 Kunie Gold Dec. 20, 2014
13 2.14 Sweet Trap Dec. 27, 2014
14 Kanami, Go! East! Jan. 10, 2015
15 Journey Jan. 17, 2015
16 Midday Vampire Jan. 24, 2015
17 Odyssey Knights Jan. 31, 2015
18 When the Concert Ends Feb. 7, 2015
19 Crimson Night Feb. 14, 2015
20 Birthday Song Feb. 21, 2015
21 The Skylarks Take Flight Feb. 28, 2015
22 Stranger Mar. 7, 2015
23 Isaac and Iselus Mar. 14, 2015
24 Sleep of the Eternal Moth Mar. 21, 2015
25 The Pioneers Mar. 28, 2015

Staff List

Adaption from the Novels

The chapter-to-episode ratio fluctuated much more than it did in Season 1, with some more notable "filler" segments that are not based on the web novels or light novels.

Notably, this may be in part because most of the season's content was only in web novel form, or completely unwritten, at the time the season was produced. By the time development for Season 2 was underway, only volumes 6 and 7 were published as light novels, while volume 8 was partway done in web novel format.

Volume 9's content was originally written as a side story entitled Dragonhowl Mountains; the anime is largely based on the side story version, which was heavily revised for the light novel's release. The anime's adaption of Volume 10's content was based entirely on author Mamare Touno's notes; the first chapter of the web novel version was published the same day that the episode adapting its contents aired.

Chapter-to-episode ratio:

  • Volume 6: Covered in episodes 3-8 (5 episodes total)
    • Most of episode 3 is Volume 7 content, but a part of it also adapts Volume 6, Chapter 1.
    • Most of episode 7 is anime-original content that expands on a part mentioned in passing in the light novels.
  • Volume 7: Covered in episodes 1-3, 6, 9-13 (adapted over 9 episodes total)
    • Only half of episodes 1 and 13 adapt content from the light novels; the other halves are anime-original content.
    • Krusty and Misa's section in episode 6 comes from volume 7, but the rest of the episode is otherwise Volume 6 material.
  • Volume 8: Covered in episodes 15-20 (6 episodes)
  • Volume 9: Covered in episode 14 (1 episode)
  • Volume 10: Covered in episodes 21-25 (5 episodes)

Major Differences

  • Volume 6's adaption:
    • In the light novels, Shiroe and Naotsugu's departure from Akiba to meet with Kinjo is unknown to anyone but the members of Log Horizon themselves. Neither Henrietta nor Marielle are made aware of this, though it is assumed Marielle at least knew Naotsugu was away on business as they had nightly calls. Shiroe, however, did not take calls from anyone.
    • Because of the above discrepancy, a section of the novel where Henrietta muses to herself after finding out the truth from Akatsuki was not adapted in the anime. This section served as foreshadowing for the Odysseia Knights, who play a major role in volume 8 (the kids' arc in Season 2), and for the prototype debit card which is brought up again in volume 12 (Season 3). The anime did not include the foreshadowing in another form.
    • In the novels, the Akiba Raid Party only consisted of the attendees of the Watermaple Consulate tea parties (more or less Raynesia's inner circle in Akiba), to keep the truth about the situation contained to a small group of reliable individuals. This rule is neither mentioned nor followed in the anime.
  • Volume 7's adaption:
    • Details about Nureha's abusive family and their terrible financial situation were excluded from the anime.
    • In the light novel, the Ten-Seat Council's meeting occurs before Shiroe's meeting with Kinjo; as a result, they do not mention the murderer in Akiba (as he had not appeared yet) and instead discuss internal issues within Minami. The references to "Agent One," their double agent in Akiba, are also cut out of the anime.
  • Volume 10's adaption:
    • Because the Ten-Seat Council's meeting in the anime removed references to Agent One (indicating Eins), before Shiroe leaves for Shibuya in the anime, he tells Eins that he will trust him "for now." This is not included in the light novel, which was published after the anime aired.
    • Because the anime was aired before Volume 10 was finished, there are differences in the events of the Shibuya Raid, with scenes being in the light novel and not in the anime and vice-versa.

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