The Log Horizon TRPG (tabletop role-playing game), also shortened as the LHTRPG, is based on the world of Log Horizon and was designed by 7-Sided Workshop, Kinuno Boushi, and Mamare Touno. In the game, players create Adventurers that fight the Genius monsters on the Yamato server. The first replay was released on March 31, and the rulebook was released on April 21.


The Log Horizon TRPG is a tabletop RPG (like Dungeons & Dragons) designed by Touno Mamare and Kinuno Boushi. It plays somewhat similarly to games designed by F.E.A.R. such as Night Wizard!, but has a unique "Hate" mechanic that represents aggro in an MMO and requires the party to work together to survive enemy attacks.

Along with the Rulebook and Replays, 7-Sided Workshop also publishes the Celdessia Gazette, a free monthly publication that supplies extra scenarios, monsters, and world-building for LHTRPG players.

Playing the TRPG

Supplementary Information

List of TRPG-related Publication

Title Release Date ISBN
Log Horizon TRPG Rulebook: You can be the Adventurer!
(ログ・ホライズンTRPGルールブック ~キミも〈冒険者〉になれる!~?)
April 21, 2014 ISBN 978-4047293595
Log Horizon TRPG Replay: Twilight Princess and Adventurers
(ログ・ホライズンTRPGリプレイ 宵闇の姫と冒険者?)
March 31, 2014 ISBN 978-4047293601
Log Horizon TRPG Replay 2: Feast Kitchen and Genius of Pestilence
(ログ・ホライズンTRPGリプレイ2 ごちそうキッチンと病の典災?)
September 29, 2014 ISBN 978-4047299290
Log Horizon TRPG Replay 3: Goat-Slime Tank and Neverending Journey'
(ログ・ホライズンTRPG リプレイ 山羊スラ戦車と終わらない旅?)
March 27, 2015 ISBN 978-4047302679
Log Horizon TRPG Extended Rulebook: Create your very own world!
(ログ・ホライズンTRPG 拡張ルールブック キミだけの世界を創れ!?)
March 20, 2018 ISBN 978-4047351080


  • Mamare Touno stated that some of the characters from the replay would appear in the second season of the anime. True to form, Seine from the Replay participates as a member of the Akiba Raid Party.
    • The sample characters from the TRPG Rulebook also appear throughout Log Horizon 2, often in the episode's introduction and/or to explain certain concepts.