Lord Barte is a Human Noble-Feudal Lord Lander and the head of one of the twenty four noble families of the Eastal League of Free Cities. He governs over the Fortress City Mogami and its surrounding area. In the novel he is Marquis Dalute.


Lord Barte is middle-aged with a portly body and a thick beard.


Summer Training arc

Lord Barte is first seen speaking with Lord Kiliva and complains about how the status quo had changed after the Catastrophe. Due to the fact that the Adventurers were no longer coming to his domain and had set up the Round Table Alliance to govern the city of Akihabara, he argues that they are not as easy to deal with as once before. Furthermore, he shows much concern over the new technologies that are being developed in Akihabara and points out that they had to get the Adventurers over to the nobles' side.

Barte is later seen having dinner with Michitaka and describes to him how the new food has changed the palates of the people. As a result, new food ingredients are being sought out and being transported long distances, thereby enriching the domain. However, due to the dangers of monsters over the land routes, Barte begins petitioning Michitaka for the technology to transport goods by sea.

Return of the Goblin King arc

He is later seen with the other nobles as they discuss the situation with the invading goblin hordes.

Homesteading the Noosphere arc

Lord Barte and his wife attended Iselus' debut as the heir of Maihama.

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