Lugrius was a member of the powerful Ancients, a formidable swordsman known as the "Hero of the Ice Wall," until his death where he returned as a Raid Boss. His cursed sword can grant all of his formidable abilities to anyone who wields it.

Lugrius appeared after Elder Tale's tenth expansion pack, Heart of Fantasy, the full Raid Boss of the quest "Glory of Days Past." He seeks to take revenge on the "Lady of Spring", Sutu Inaw, who betrayed him and murdered him with poison.[1] His name was then forgotten, causing deep resentment in the would-be hero. This hatred manifests itself as a freezing storm.[2]

Normally, the quest was found in the Ezzo Empire, near Susukino, as a lead-up to the Prison of Nine Heroes quest.



Fallen Guardian arc

Lugrius buffs

Explaining the buffs provided by Lugrius' sword

Because the flavor text of items and equipment began turning real, when Lugrius' sword ended up in the possession of a Royal Guard member, Enbart Nelles, he started to use the sword to wander around the streets of Akiba to kill Adventurers.

The Akiba Raid Party faced the Murderer and Akatsuki was able to destroy Sento-Byamaru, what put a end in Lugrius.


Sentou-Byakumaru[霰刀・白魔丸 (せんとう・びゃくまる)]: The cursed sword of Lugrius, this kodachi bestows its user with multiple buffs.[2]

  • Increased HP: Lugrius' HP increases with the amount of people within his zone. In the "Glory of Days Past," he trapped 50 People of the Land within his zone, so it was recommended to evacuate those 50 before taking him on.
  • Increased Stats: The more Adventurers that are within 50 meters of him, the more his stats increase. In his quest, usually only 6 of the 24 fighting him would be attacking him directly; the others would be warding off the evil spirits that he summoned and evacuating the People of the Land he trapped.
  • Ice Storm: He can create a blinding, freezing storm that can only be defended against by elemental defense equipment.


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