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  • Lol we filled up the last one.

    Looks like Tet's going to have another new outfit for the SNG; the next theme is Hot Springs ... interesting.

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    • *Sigh* ... Wikia ate up my response once again.

      Long story short, volume 2 Souji was more self-aware and was aware of his whole harem aspect. WWB Souji and volume 5 Souji basically are absolutely clueless and don't know why girls go all gaga around him or why guys don't seem to like him.

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    • Evil Wikia!

      Ah okay. I still need to finish reading vol. 5. I forget where I left off (I think that was back in October, before NaNoWriMo took over) but I think I have notes somewhere. I'm also not finished reading vol. 3 in English, I'm only halfway through chapter 4. ReGan (or Li Gan as they call him) was just starting to explain the whole world fraction thing...

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  • (I'm LHFF, by the way, in case you're wondering how I know about it.)

    Someone in the Japanese fandom (minomushi, the person who posts their photos of their Krusty/Rayneshia cosplays) read your post about being self-conscious about your Tetora cosplay. They didn't actually comment any further on it, but I thought you'd like to know that even overseas fans are paying attention.

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