Mezamashi Tomete (目覚ましトメテ) is a Wolf Fang Guardian in the Crescent Moon Alliance. He is one of the new players who was rescued from Hamelin.

In volume 13, he participates in the Akiba Guild Hall Raid.


Mezamashi is a Wolf Fang with brown hair and eyes. The colors in all his equipment are all in browns and grays.


A laid-back person, Mezamashi is a bit shamelessly so, openly yawning during meetings and constantly lethargic. Although he is seen as a bit of a slow starter and absent-minded, he is also highly observant of his surroundings and is precise in his movements. As a result, he excels in large raid battles, and served as the secondary tank for Touya during the Akiba Guild Hall Raid.[1]


Akiba Guild Hall Raid arc

Mezamashi participates in the Akiba Guild Hall Raid along with the other Hamelin rescuees. He is on Team B with Serara, Kuu, Yupia, Masuda, and Mil(17)ky.[2]


He uses a halberd in battle.[2]


  • In his name, "目覚まし" is a way of saying either "keeping your eyes open" or an abbreviation of the word "alarm clock," which is ironic given his tendency to fall asleep.



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