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Mikakage is a female Druid-Chef and a member of the Roderick Firm. She participates in Operation Capture as a member of the Akiba Raid Party.


Mikakage has a girlish appearance with blonde hair tied up in twin-tails. She normally wears a Chef's outfit, even in battle.


A cheerful girl, Mikakage enjoys making sweets with the help of her summonable companions, especially the Alraune (fairy) named Allie. She tends to mock Blue Forest, another member of the guild, and sees through his less-than-pure intentions.


Before the Catastrophe

At home, she enjoyed making sweets, particularly involving baking.

Fallen Guardian arc

Mikakage is one of the members of the Water Maple Consulate tea party that joins Raynesia. She is among those studying the changes in the world of Elder Tale: her finding is that people were beginning to be able to cook even without the Chef subclass, capable of making basic salads.

She later participates in the raid against Enbart Nelles, providing support for Akatsuki and Marielle. After Operation Capture's success, she joins in on the pajama party.[1]


Salamander's Potholder.jpg Salamander's Pot Holders: Cooking mittens made of many Salamander scales used for Production-class dishes. Raises success rate of cooking with a pot and increases the outcome quality. Has resistance to flame and bad statuses that are related to it, and it is often used in cuisine battles.
Cookware Arrangements of Verdun.jpg Cookware Arrangements of Verdun: Magic cooking knife found in a certain dungeon. Also acts as an outstanding food processor due to four rotating blades of wind that appear at the tip when used that can stir, shred, grate and whisk.
Angel Macaroon.jpg Angel Macaroon: A beret that looks like a macaroon. Reward from the quest Dream-Colored Pâtissière, involving delivery of a large amount of confections, it gives a quality bonus when producing confectionery. It is Mikakage's favorite equipment, to the point where a replica item was created for her assistant Alraune to wear.


  • Originally, her name was just supposed to be Mikage (ミカゲ), but Mamare accidentally typed an extra "ka" one time. He thought it sounded cute, so he just kept it that way.[2]



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