Mil(17)ky (ミル(17)キー, pronounced Milky) is a Fox Tail Swashbuckler that was rescued from Hamelin. After being rescued during the Round Table Conference, she joined the Crescent Moon Alliance.

In the real world, she is a 24-year-old woman.[1]



Although she is taciturn and typically speaks little, she is quite chatty with Isuzu and talks with her via telepathy often. In lieu of speaking, she tends to use her hands to gesture, especially when it comes to numbers.[1]


Round Table Alliance arc

Mil(17)ky is first seen in Return to Akiba as Hamelin's leaders go around the tables collecting the newbie players' EXP Pots.

Touya and Minori hatch a plan with Shiroe to escape Hamelin and inform the rest of the trapped newbies, who all agree to it. The plan was for the crafters, who were usually kept inside the guild, to simply follow the raiding team out when they left. At first, the plan goes smoothly, but the suspicious Smoking Lightning realized they were up to something and attacks Minori. Mil(17)ky, Yupia, and Kuu turn around at the sound, but Touya intercepts Smoking Lightning and tells the three to escape first, which they do.[2]

After the successful rescue, most of the former Hamelin members, including Mil(17)ky, decide to join the Crescent Moon Alliance.[3]

Summer Training arc

Return of the Goblin King arc


  • Other players suspected her of being older than she really seems; some theorized she was 34 years old, while others thought her to be around 51. In reality, she is 24.[1]


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