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Minami (ミナミ) is one of the five main cities (五大都市 go daitoshi) on the Japanese server of Elder Tale. The others are Akiba, Shibuya, Susukino, and Nakasu.

Like the other main cities, Minami serves as the base of operation for guilds, parties, and solo players, and as a safe zone from the monsters (and PKers) outside.[1]


The Catastrophe

After the Catastrophe, the city quickly fell into the hands of Plant Hwyaden and its guild mistress, Nureha, who used her Courtesan subclass to seduce and manipulate the nobles in the city into giving her the money to buy the city's Cathedral, granting her the power over life and death there. With all players within the city united under one guild, they went on to take over and suppress Nakasu.

Collapse of the Round Table arc

Following Nureha's rebellion against Indicus, Indicus started a civil war within Minami to wrestle control of her. The pro-Nureha faction wants peace with Akiba and Eastal, while the pro-war faction opposes Nureha.


  • Like some players from Akiba, some from Minami willingly went to Susukino because of the challenges it posed.


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