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Mizufa Trude, real name Misuha Long (ミスハ・ロング, Misuha Rongu?),[1] is a Earthling Human Warlord and one of the leading generals of the Westelande army as well as a member of the Ten-Seat Council.

Her birthday is on June 18.[2]


Mizufa is a beautiful woman in her thirties, with dark skin, reddish-brown hair, and wears purple armor.


Mizufa is a violent warrior, arrogant and ruthless. She both disdains and envies Adventurers, viewing them as freaks and zombies who cannot know the true pleasure of battle due to their ability to infinitely revive, but also expressing a desire to have that luxury so she could fight to her heart's content. This made apparent when she kills Londark from behind in a casual and remorseless manner, knowing Londark would just revive afterwards.


Before the Catastrophe

Her background is largely unknown; in her early twenties, she joined the military.

Gold of the Kunie arc

Mizufa status screen

Mizufa's status screen

She goes to the Ten-Seat Conference, where she comments that she doesn't mind waiting if she gets to battle. Nakarunado teases her that she was there for the high grade wine, which she agrees with.[3][4]

Route 43 arc

With Nureha missing, several people are sent to search for her, including Mizufa and Londark, but she has other plans.

She tries to spark a war with Eastal by using Nightshades to cause Wyvern hordes to head towards the city of Saphir, riding on a primitive tank (of which Minami has around 7 now) and using EXP Pots to strengthen herself and her army.

Nyanta intervenes and engages in battle against Londark; however, when Londark was about to unleash a powerful spell, he’s killed from behind by Mizufa, who stabbed him with her sword, commenting that Adventurers are lucky to be able to leisurely die and revive, constantly in battle. Nyanta, really pissed off now, fights her while she mocks him. However, Kazuhiko then arrives, telling Mizufa to retreat because Nureha had given word to end the operation. Despite this, Mizufa continues to try provoking Nyanta, with him lunging at her, only to be stopped again by Kazu. Kazuhiko uses the skill Exterminate to end the fight, and declares that he didn't want the Chief to kill a Earthling, then they leave.

Other Media

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land

Mizufa sng
Mizufa Trude
Class Rarity Role Type Attribute
Swashbuckler Logo Swashbuckler LR icon Attacker Midguard Light icon
100 33880 58723 24425 45386
The following is an unofficial, amateur fan translation.
A member of Minami's mega-guild, Plant Hwyaden. She has a suicidal desire for strength and power. Her favorite things are annihilating the enemy and electrifying battles, and dislikes the weak and incompetent.

Mizufa sng resting
[Resting] Mizufa[【休息】ミズファ]
Class Rarity Role Type Attribute
Swashbuckler Logo Swashbuckler UR icon Attacker Midguard Earth icon
100 67490 65455 43645 56410
The following is an unofficial, amateur fan translation.
ミナミの単一巨大ギルド〈Plant Hwyaden(プラント・フロウデン)〉の「十席会議」の第四席。豪快な性格で弱者は嫌い。ワイン片手に一休みする姿も豪快である。
  • Trivia: The art is adapted from her [Swimsuit] version's.


  • Mizufa is the only character in the 2015 Settings Book not to be given a birthday. Even characters that were only seen, and had no lines, were given birthdays.[5] She was later given a birthday through the official @loghorizon_TRPG account.
  • Mizufa shares her birthday with Tokinagi.



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