Royal Guard

Royal Guard in Mobile Armor

The Mobile Armor is a magical suit of armor worn by the Royal Guard in Elder Tale. It is also one of the legacies of the now-extinct Alv race. It represents a form of ancient magical technology.


The Mobile Armor suit is able to boost a Person of the Land's level up to around 90-110, strong enough to defeat most Adventurers with relative ease. The suit can also provide its user with night vision suited for night patrols.[1]

The suit's large size makes it almost impossible to move without the assistance of a large magic circle found underneath player cities; that same magic circle also prevents monsters from entering the city. Due to the fact that it relies heavily on the magic circle for power and movement, the armor is limited to the city's boundaries, and the armor's user cannot fight Adventurers or monsters outside of the city. Any separate "zones", such as guild halls and Inns, are also inaccessible to the Royal Guard because it is not covered by their teleportation system. Furthermore, as the suit is not designed to take damage, it does not boost its user's recovery rate.[1]

The most drastic means to defeat the Mobile Armor is to shut off a city's magical circle, thereby rendering it powerless and useless. However, this tactic has the consequence of leaving the city defenseless against invading monsters and PKing, as the circle cannot be reactivated for a timespan of 10 years.


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