Nakarunado is a Wolf Fang Guardian and one of the Ten Seats of Plant Hwyaden. Prior to the Catastrophe, he was the guild master of Kansai's strongest guild, Howling.


Nakarunado is among the, if not the, largest character introduced in the series thus far.


Little is known about his personality, and most information given about him is solely about his position in Plant Hwyaden.


Prior the Catastrophe

Nakarunado was the guild master of the strongest guild in Kansai, Howling.

Catastrophe arc

He became the leader of the Plant Hwyaden's army and has much influence among their factions. Howling's members presumably joined Plant Hwyaden.

Gold of the Kunie arc

He participates in the Ten Seat Conference, where he teases Mizufa, by commenting that she is only there by the high grade wine. To his mild displeasure, she casually affirms that remark.

Other Media

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land

[[File:Nakarunado sng.png|200px]]
[Ten Seats] Nakarunado
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Class Rarity Role Type Attribute
Guardian Logo.png Guardian LR icon.png Tank Vanguard Dark icon.png



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