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Nakasu (ナカス) is one of the five Adventurer Cities on the Japanese server of Elder Tale. The others are Akiba, Minami, Shibuya, and Susukino.[1]


Nakasu is the Player City in the Ninetails Dominion, located due west of Minami.

Several days after the Catastrophe, Plant Hwyaden suddenly appeared and declared its unification with Nakasu; however, the truth was that the city was suppressed. As a result, the city's population declined sharply as most of its inhabitants went to Minami or escaped surveillance and went into hiding.

As revealed in volume 12, Plant Hwyaden utilized the Intercity Transport Gate, which was reactivated in Minami using Zeldys' and Jered Gan's abilities, to launch a surprise attack on Nakasu.[2] During their attack, they also slew all the Kunie members in Nakasu, rendering all its major facilities inoperational. Without important features like the Cathedral or the Bank, most Adventurers abandoned the city.[3]


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