Naomi (菜穂美) is a Summoner in Honesty and serves as one of Eins' advisers along with Shigeru.

Because of her deep voice and manner of speech, she is often mistaken to be a man using a female character, but the player was also a woman.


Naomi's appearance is heavily inspired by flowers. Her long hair is piled high, braided in such a way that it resembles a rose. Her dress' skirt is also reminiscent of a flower, with the layers turning into "petals".


Round Table Conference arc

Naomi and Shigeru follow Eins to the Round Table Conference.[1]

Collapse of the Round Table arc

After Eins abandons his plan for the Akiba Governing Body, Shigeru, Naomi, and their aides are the only members of Honesty who stay by Eins' side. They follow him on his self-imposed exile from Akiba.[2]


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