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Nazuna is a Kannagi-Gambler, the sub-guildmaster of West Wind Brigade, and a former member of the Debauchery Tea Party. She is a part of Soujiro Seta's harem, although she sees him in a more platonic light. She participates in Operation Capture as a member of Team A, and is a member of the Shibuya Raid Team. Her Overskill is Heavenly Road (also translated as Divine Step).


In the real world, she had a rather voluptuous body and was quite tall, and looked rather mature. Although she isn't "idol-level," people still often complimented her on her looks.[3] This carries over into Elder Tale, where her appearance and charisma led her to become the West Wind Brigade's de facto second-in-command.


When not in combat, Nazuna's mellow, laid-back personality is on full display. She craves alcohol and has been known to drink excessively. Although she's generally more restrained and level-headed than the other female guild members, she is not above attempting to sneak in affection points with Soujiro.

At the same time, despite her affections for Soujiro, she is well aware of his faults and works to keep him grounded. Although she is capable of influencing his decisions, she cannot warn him or guide his growth unlike Shiroe and Kazuhiko, leaving her to wish that they were in the guild at times.[3]


Before the Catastrophe

She worked as a dental assistant.[4] Even in the real world, she was rather tall and voluptuous, and many said that she could be a model.

Nazuna was a veteran player of Elder Tale and was a part of the Debauchery Tea Party, a group of players who completed several raids. She is described as being an elder sister-type who helped people and was reliable, but her one weakness was gambling.[5]

After the Tea Party disbanded, member Soujiro Seta decided to create a guild and invited her, Saki, and Yomi to join. Nazuna accepted the invitation and became a part of Soujiro's initial harem of four. After the Homesteading the Noosphere expansion, Nazuna found herself trapped inside the game alongside hundreds of thousands of other players worldwide.

Round Table Alliance arc

Nazuna accompanies Soujiro to the Round Table Conference and is seen watching as the meeting unfolds.[6] After the establishment of the Round Table Alliance, she and Soujiro visit Log Horizon's new guild building, bringing a barrel of cherry sake from their guild's brewer.

Return of the Goblin King arc

Nazuna travels to the Ancient Palace of Eternal Ice along with other members of the West Wind Brigade, but quickly becomes annoyed by all of the Earthling noble girls fawning over Soujiro.

Libra Festival arc

Along with other members of her guild, she runs into Shiroe at the Silverleaf Tree. When Shiroe sets up a patrol system using the girls from West Wind Brigade to smooth out the problems Malves was trying to kick up, Nazuna stays in the tent along with Isaac and Nyanta.

Fallen Guardian arc

Nazuna, along with several other girls, participates in the tea parties for Rayneshia designed to protect her while some of the city's most important members are out. Like most, she is unaware that Shiroe and Naotsugu are away.

After Kyouko falls to the hands of Enbart Nelles, the guild is mobilized to avenge her. Nazuna, as the de facto second-in-command of the guild, displays concerned over Soujiro, who was overcome with rage, thinking to herself that despite her feelings for him, he was fully capable of destroying his own guild with his personality.

When Akatsuki enters the battle against the rogue Royal Guard, Nazuna is already helping Souji, although the fight is already on the losing side, with Kawara and Isami already disabled from battling further. Even with Akatsuki's help, the fight is obviously hopeless, and Nazuna retreats with the other West Wind Brigade members present as Akatsuki and Souji cover their escape, causing both of their deaths.

Nazuna skywalker2

Nazuna's Overskill, Heavenly Road

After Akatsuki awakens, she finds Nazuna among the tea party girls that had come to wait for her, with Henrietta, Rieze, and Rayneshia. In front of the Cathedral, when Akatsuki asks them to help her, Nazuna asks if Akatsuki believed that she could defeat Nelles on her own. After some pushing, Akatsuki responds that she cannot; she needs their help. Later in the Watermaple Consulate, she tells Henrietta and Rieze to go straight to lecturing the two younger girls for their brash behavior and inability to communicate with the others about the situation. Despite this, she is willing to participate in the raid battle against Nelles.

Nazuna enters the fray after Tatara gives Akatsuki a new blade, Haganemushi-Tatara, using the footsteps created by Heavenly Road to lure Enbart Nelles away from the others and buying time for Akatsuki to get healed in preparation for their final attack. After Akatsuki successfully destroys Nelles' weapon, the legacy of the raid boss Lugrius, she joins the others in a celebratory sleepover party.

Noosphere arc

Along with the rest of her guild, Nazuna assists in the defeat of Camaysar, the Genius of Marriages. She and Soujiro report this to Shiroe and Akatsuki.

Later, she is among the ones chosen to participate in the Shibuya Raid, along with several others in her guild.

Other Media

Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade


Nazuna's first appearance in WWB

Main article: Nazuna/WWB

Nazuna is one of the main characters in Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade spin-off manga.

She is one of the few members that originated from the light novel rather than the manga; the other members who came from the novels are Soujiro, Saki, Yomi, and Kyouko. Fragrant Olive, Sandy, and Chika made their physical debut in Chapter 4's illustration in Log Horizon 5: A Sunday in Akiba, but were unnamed.

The manga emphasizes Nazuna's romantic interest in Soujiro, which is acknowledged in the light novel but downplayed. In the light novel, Nazuna persuaded Soujiro to turn down Isaac's offer of merging guilds, but in the manga, Soujiro rejects Isaac's offer on his own.

Log Horizon: Kanami, Go! East!

Nazuna makes a cameo in the third chapter of the Log Horizon: Kanami, Go! East! manga adaption, smiling as Kanami grabs a Salamander and calls it cute.

Log Horizon: Nyanta's Fortune Recipes

Nazuna is a recurring minor character in Log Horizon: Nyanta's Fortune Recipes spin-off manga. Her first appearance has her complaining to Shiroe, which leads to a curry cook-off held by Nyanta.


Rigged Dice Rigged Dice: Dice-shaped ornaments. Brings good luck to guarantee nine magical critical hits, it has a daily usage limit though. It is possible to use these as normal dice, but Nazuna seems to never get a good number from them, so she had them sealed away.
Avidya's Striking Figure Avidya's Striking Figure: Katana only for use by the Kannagi. Strengthens barriers and casting speed, can also cause criticals when using recovery spells. Can be used in combat, often used in the front-lines. A trophy from winning a gamble against a Swordsmith.
Mithril Katabira 'Mithril Katabira: Production-class garment woven out of Mithril threads. It is delicate and is not painful if worn on bare skin. Although it is usually to be worn under armor, when Nazuna gets drunk, she usually wears only this, so the others grab her and throw her into her bedroom before Souji can see her like that.


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