Nemimi is a Dwarf Monk-Artisan in Cocoa Brown. She participates in the Goblin King expedition as a communication officer, and later serves as a member of the Akiba Raid Party.


Nemimi is a petite girl, her shorter-than-average height coming from her race as a Dwarf although she appears high school age. She has silver-purple hair, turqouise eyes behind a pair of bottom-framed glasses, she wears a green beret, a cream-colored long-sleeved sweater with a pink-red scarf around her neck secured by a brooch, a short pleated skirt, white socks pulled up to below her knees, and a pair of brown slip-on shoes.

On her right shoulder she wears some kind of shoulder-plate with a crustacean shell-like appearance.


Nemimi has a sense of duty as she volunteered to join the Adventurer army to fight the goblins, serving in telepathic communications to relay orders to other squads and parties from strategic HQ.

During the Libra Festival, she stood by her policy of selling only two purchases per customer despite a Lander harassing her with the offer of buying her whole stock, her reason because she wanted to sell her wares to everyone interested, not just one customer.


Prior to the Catastrophe

Nemimi's hobby was making accessories, something that continued in the alternate world after the Catastrophe struck.[2]

Return of the Goblin King arc

Nemimi makes her first appearance as one of the communication officers.

Libra Festival arc

Nemimi 1419870971052

Nemimi during the Libra Festival

During the Libra Festival, Nemimi is harassed and pressured by a Lander merchant while trying to sell her guild's accessories at the Libra Festival fashion expo. However, Shiroe easily stops the merchant and forces him to leave, much to Nemimi's relief.

Fallen Guardian arc

In the Akiba Raid Party, Nemimi served as a member of Team J, along with Asuka and EndoAkiba. She also created Ice-resistant accessories for members of the party to counter Byakumaru's effect.

Other Media

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land


  • Nemimi is infatuated with Shiroe, making her the fifth known girl in the series to have feelings for him.[2]


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