Ninjin Second[1] (also referred to as just Ninjin or Second) is the younger brother of Girov, the head chef of the Crescent Moon Alliance guild. He is an Elf Summoner-Chef.


In battle, Ninjin wields a large sashimi knife and a cutting board shield.


Not much is known of his personality, asides that he seems to become distressed when he fails to do something correctly. He seems to idolize his brother quite a bit, having taken up cooking to follow in his footsteps.[1]


Before the Catastrophe

Along with his older brother, Girov, Second worked at their family's restaurant as chefs.

He started playing Elder Tale some time before the Catastrophe, but did not seem to be part of the Crescent Moon Alliance (whereas Girov was already in the guild). Both of them were trapped into the new world after the Catastrophe, and Ninjin decided to join the guild to be with his brother.[1]

Round Table Alliance arc

Ninjin and Girov start to learn how to prepare tasty food from Nyanta. When he fails to make a certain food, the Felinoid explains that chefs still need the proper Chef level to prepare more difficult foods.

He later participates in the production of the Crescent Burger and other food items for the Crescent Moon Refreshment Stand.


  • The Log Horizon Database is the first place to list Ninjin's full name; prior to that, his name was listed only as either "Ninjin" (the first season Settings Book)[2] or "Second," but never both at once. To that end, his entry notes that people never know which name to call him by, much to his ire.


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