Nurukan was a Felinoid Monk-Brewer in the MMORPG Elder Tale and a former member of the now-disbanded Debauchery Tea Party. He was not affiliated with any guild.[1] Because he was not trapped in Elder Tale during the Catastrophe, he likely became inactive at some point prior.

He had a black panther's head, wore long Chinese kung-fu robes, and wielded a two-meter-long bō staff.[2] Most of his equipment were acquired on the Chinese server, and he's a bit of an equipment hoarder so his storage and perpetually-messy room are all filled with his mid-level equipment. He was the kind of brusque man who acted before he talked, and had a particular fondness for sake.[3] No matter whether they were meeting online or offline, he was always drinking heavily.

His expressionless face and the light that glimmers of his eyes in the darkness give him a scary look. Because of Nyanta, he started adding "nya" to the ends of his sentences.[1]

According to the Tea Party relationship chart, Nurukan trusted Naotsugu but was easily annoyed by Kanami's tendency to attract enemies by not watching her Hate levels, and yells at her in the chart to "LOWER YOUR HATE!", to which she blithely replies "Bring more enemies!"

In raids, he served as the guerrilla. In situations where there are large amounts of enemies, Nurukan was the specialist in kiting and pulling enemies. In that sense, his style was a lot like Demiqas'.[1]


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