The Ocypete is the first of a new type of vessel in Elder Tale, one that is powered by steam instead of sail or oars. 



The Ocypete's development featured in the newspaper

The vessel seems to be modeled after the old steamboats and paddleboats of the mid-to-late 1800's. Unlike the sailing vessels of Elder Tale, the Ocypete makes use of the newly-developed steam engine to power it through the water. Its main propulsion is a pair of side paddlewheels and it is fueled by magical beasts. Though a screw propeller would have been more efficient, paddlewheels were found to be easier to make with the more primitive conditions of Elder Tale. It was constructed under the three major crafting guilds Marine OrganizationThe Roderick Firm, and Shopping District 8.

Because the Ocypete does not require the use of sails or oarsmen, means that it is able to travel in rougher seas and weather. This also gives it the advantage of carrying larger and heavier amounts of cargo and passengers. It has a low draft, making it ideal for rivers, lakes and sailing around the coastline. Despite the fact that it is relying on a more primitive form of propulsion, the Ocypete is still faster than any other ship with oars or sails in the Elder Tale world.

Generally speaking, the ship is not meant for combat purposes, but it is heavily armored for protection and its main defense is in the form of its Adventurer crew and passengers.

After its maiden voyage during the Return of the Goblin King event, there has been a demand for more steam-powered ships by the Elder Tale Nobility in order to expand trade routes and business. Plans for making more already in the works.


Ever since it was announced to be under construction, news has spread to the surrounding cities and has caught the interest of several lords who wish to transport their goods faster, farther, and with less attacks from any monsters. Lord Barte has already petitioned Michitaka for the technology to travel by sea for extensive trade.

The Return of the Goblin King arc

The Ocypete's construction is completed by the time of the Return of the Goblin King event. Krusty and the expeditionary force use it to travel to the battlefield much faster. After it delivers Krusty's strikeforce, it continued to ferry more troops and supplies from Akihabara. It also played a role in turning back the hordes of Sahuagin from the coast with naval support.

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