Fuaa. I don't think that went well.

Odiso is a Ritian Druid-Rune Knight and a member of Silver Sword who participates in the third party of the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party.


Odiso, like other Ritians, has tattoos, although most of his are covered by his baggy clothing and so only one on his face can be seen.


Odiso is a laid-back person, although it likely is a bad idea to anger him. People often mistake his laid-back personality to be a sign of apathy, but in reality, he is extremely stubborn, moreso than many others, and does not easily give up in spite of setbacks.[3]


The Catastrophe

After being trapped in the alternate world after the Catastrophe, Odiso is grabbed by Ragoumaru as Pianississimo and Touko watch. Ragoumaru doesn't let go of him even while talking to Prometheus.[4]

Round Table Alliance arc

Like the rest of the guild, Odiso follows William to Susukino.

Gold for the Kunie arc



  • Odiso shares a voice actor with Azalea and Taro.
  • Odiso's name is a play on the word "Odin", since ン (n) and ソ (so) are very similar. He claims that it was not a misspelling, and was done on purpose.


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